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The art of The Ox takes a modern look at golf with the Bump and Run Collection

Kohler, WI (November 30, 2022):  The Bump and Run Collection look at golf is now available from its creator, The Ox.

Paintings of golf and the sport’s legends traditionally take the form of portraits in oil and photo realistic landscapes. The Ox, an American artist who loves the game, brings a crisp, minimalist, and dramatic look to golf paintings in his new collection, Bump and Run.

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Reveling in images of Nicklaus, Didrikson Zaharias, Woods, Hogan, Player, Lopez, Norman, Sorenstam and others, The Ox presents sharp, aggressive portrayals of golfers in motion – captured in time as they won championships and enjoyed the true game of the people. With a monochromatic palette that allows occasional colors to pop on the canvas, The Ox works to evolve classic golf art.

On commission, The Ox will produce images of any golfer on request in his style, hand rendering the Bump and Run Collection in sizes from 6 x 6 inches to large canvases to full-size wall murals. His paintings tee it up in homes, clubhouses, practice facilities and sports bars looking to stand out and modernize their golf imagery.

The Ox works in ink and acrylics on canvas and flat or gloss enamel for wall murals. He executes murals at a cost of $15 per sq ft, plus materials. Prices for commissions range from $50 for 6 x 6 inches to $500 for 36 x 24. Prices beyond those standard sizes are always negotiable. 

Whether a lover of golf seeks new art to celebrate that passion or if country club members want to modernize the look of their hallways, players can find more information on The Ox and the Bump and Run Collection by visiting:

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