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'Private Lessons' series premiering Monday, Dec. 5 on GolfPass allows viewers to ‘sit in’ on exclusive golf lesson with world-class instructor

NBA champion J.R. Smith and WWE superstar The Miz featured in separate episodes

ORLANDO, Fla. (Dec. 5, 2022) - Private Lessons, streaming today on GolfPass, is a new five-part series providing viewers with a fly-on-the-wall-type experience during a one-on-one golf lesson with a world-class instructor.

Viewers of Private Lessons will see how instructors address common swing faults, such as coming over the top, squaring the club face, low ball flight, and other familiar issues that can plague the average golfer. Instructors featured in the series include innovative technician Chris Como, former swing coach to Tiger Woods; Devan Bonebrake, host of The Golf Fix on GolfPass and one of the “Best Young Teachers in America:; and Martin Hall, co-host of School of Golf on GOLF Channel and former “PGA of America National Teacher of the Year.”

The series is highlighted by the appearance of two notable sports celebrities, who are featured in separate episodes that GolfPass is offering free-to-view – NBA champion J.R. Smith and WWE superstar The Miz (Michael Mizanin).

Student:  J.R. Smith
Smith, a two-time NBA champion visits GolfPass coach Chris Como for a private lesson. Smith played 17 years in the NBA before retiring in 2020. He shocked the basketball community after retirement by going back to college to finish his education, enrolling at North Carolina A&T and joining the school’s golf team as a walk-on. Already equipped with golf skills, Smith is looking for help from a coaching legend to fine-tune his swing.

Smith’s Coach:  Chris Como

  • Ranked #2 on the list of Golf Digest’s top teachers for 2022-23
  • Coached some of the best players in professional golf, including Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Bryson DeChambeau

Production Location:

  • Banyon Cay Resort and Golf, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Student:  The Miz (Michael Gregory Mizanin)
The Miz, a two-time WWE champion wrestler takes a private lesson from GolfPass coach Devan Bonebrake. The Miz, who started playing golf as an adult, also stars in the USA Network reality series Miz & Mrs, and suffers from a common golf problem – he comes over the top and slices. Bonebrake shows The Miz some fixes for his slice and the results are astounding. Anyone who suffers from the dreaded slice will enjoy and learn from this episode.

The Miz’s Coach:  Devan Bonebrake

  • Host of The Golf Fix instruction series on GolfPass (longest-running instructional show in televised golf)
  • Recently named to Golf Digest’s list of “Best Young Teachers in America”
  • Currently, Lead Coach & Founder, Southern California Golf Academy in Carlsbad, Calif.

Production Location:

  • Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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