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West Palm Beach, FL –, home of the world's largest selection of golf teaching and training aids, proudly announces that its total-game-improvement platform is now the exclusive owner and distributor of one of golf’s most popular and enduring training aids, The Putting Arc.

“The Putting Arc will be added to a line of game improvement products that can be used at the golf course or in the comfort of your home,” says Golf Training Aids President John Diulus. “More and more golfers are practicing their game at home, whether it’s in their office, basement, or garage. The Putting Arc is the perfect addition to create your own home putting studio.”

Used by more than 1,500 touring professionals as well as coaches and golf academies worldwide, the original version of the Putting Arc was introduced in 2002, after being patented by PGA Instructor VJ Trolio and engineers Joey Hamilton and Dave Hamilton. The Putting Arc is designed to help golfers groove a consistent stroke in which the putter head moves inside-to square-to inside on a stable, precise arc, with the putter face remaining square to that arc. 

The premier Putting Arc model, the MS-3D can be used with the toe or the heel of the putter. Its arc and attached mirror allow golfers to have a balanced stroke without any radial force so golfers learn and constantly monitor eye and shoulder position as well as head stability. Benefits of practicing with The Putting Arc include developing a consistent stance, head, eye, and body alignment with square putter face initial alignment at address and impact. Golfers also learn to putt on a proper path with effective putter toe release in their strokes.

“The Putting Arc is one of the most proven training aids on the market, so bringing it to a large-scale audience on is something we take great pride in delivering to golfers,” says President John Diulus. “Playing professionals who use the Putting Arc have won more than 1,600 times worldwide and a group of top instructors will be helping us with video content explaining the benefits of putting on the proper path with feedback from this innovative product.”

The Putting Arc is available in four models: the all-purpose, indoor-outdoor MSIII, the MS3D which has a mirror for feedback on eye and shoulder position, the T4 (designed exclusively for outdoor use) and the smaller T3 which is designed for easy packing and travel.  

“When the Putting Arc was invented and patented more than 20 years ago, almost every golfer was taught to move the putter back and forth down the target line, keeping the putter face square to the line. Now almost everyone understands that the putting stroke is a small golf swing, and the putter moves on an inclined plane and the putter head moves inside to square to back inside during the stroke. Most of the best putters now putt this way, and this is the putting stroke that is perfected by using the Putting Arc,” says Dave Hamilton the Putting Arc’s President and Co-Founder. “The Putting Arc product line is in good hands. Golf Training Aids will do a great job continuing the legacy of the Putting Arc.”

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