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deWiz capturing in-tournament swing data with Vijay and Qass Singh at PNC Championship

deWiz’s innovative wearable tech captures comprehensive swing data, providing new layer of understanding of how swings differ on the range vs. inside the ropes

December 15, 2022 - (Orlando, Fla.): Vijay and Qass Singh will have golf’s latest swing analysis technology, deWiz, on their wrists to capture unique swing data from inside the ropes at the 2022 PNC Championship in Orlando this week. 

Vijay Singh and deWiz broke new ground in October when capturing Vijay’s swing data for all three rounds at the PGA TOUR Champions’ Furyk & Friends tournament. deWiz has been worn during tournament play on the PGA TOUR Champions by Vijay Singh and Notah Begay III, and on the Ladies European Tour by Sara Kjellker. These development tests provide deWiz’s Data Science team the ability to analyze the differences and similarities between Vijay’s swing on the range and in competition, where it obviously matters most. The preliminary findings are intriguing on how the data backs up that swings are different on the range vs on the course, but also pinpointing what a player’s actual great swing are in competition and mistakes is a new competitive understanding deWiz is delivering its global ambassadors.

Constellation FURYK & FRIENDS - Round Two
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 08: Vijay Singh of Fiji plays his shot from the 17th tee during the second round of the Constellation FURYK & FRIENDS at Timuquana Country Club on October 08, 2022 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

”Previously, when analyzing Vijay’s deWiz swing data, on missed shots Vijay’s hands dropped more vertically in transition than on successful shots and his baseline,” said Markus Westerberg, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “The PNC Championship is a great opportunity to compare Vijay’s data with thepreviously captured Furyk & Friends Championship data, as well as with his baseline, warm up, and practice session numbers. The insights are fascinating at we explore this new frontier of swing data through our seamless wearable technology and no boundaries for capturing our advanced data analytics.”

DEWIZ, HOW IT WORKS: Under development for more than five years, deWiz tracks the exact position of a golfer's hands throughout the swing, providing a 3D analysis and delivering data via a user-friendly app that helps golfers more consistently hit the ball longer, straighter, and closer, as well as learn faster with deWiz’s patented Learning Stimuli™. For golfers, deWiz currently measures 11 swing data points on each swing, including Transition, Length of Backswing, Backswing Plane, Max Backswing Width, Max Hand Speed, and 5 Tempo measurements, and additional advance metrics are available to teaching professionals and our elite players program. To access videos on all deWiz’s groundbreaking features, instructional webinars, and ambassador testimonials, please visit deWiz’s YouTube Channel.

DEWIZ COACHES PROGRAM: The deWiz Coaches Program provides teaching professionals an innovative new approach to coaching by providing students actionable, real-time data that they can apply to their own practice, seamlessly monitoring their progress between lessons. The deWiz Coaches Program benefits include affiliate revshare programs, access to advance data and dedicated onboarding services for certified golf instructors. To learn more, visit deWiz Coaches Program or email Currently, deWiz Coaches Program has partnerships with the LPGA Professionals, PGA of Sweden, PGA of Germany and the Southern California PGA of America Section.

DEVELOPED BY EXPERTS, TESTED BY PROS: The deWiz Global Ambassadors roster currently includes Annika Sörenstam, 10-time major-champion; Vijay Singh, 3-time major-champion; Bryson DeChambeau, U.S. Open champion from 2020; 2016 Open-champion Henrik Stenson; 2021 U.S. Women’s Open champion Yuka Saso; 2019 Houston Open-champion Lanto Griffin; and former PGA of America National Teacher of the Year Martin Hall.

BUZZWORTHY TECH: Debuting last summer, deWiz’s introduction has created a “buzz” with it being described by Forbes as looking to bring a “jolt to the golf training aid market;” profiled in Sweden’s leading financial media, Dagens Industri; featured within On the Mark Podcast with Mark Immelman; and showcased by Global Golf Post, Golf Monthly’s Editor’s Choice, and Business Insider. Additionally, profiled how Vijay Singh’s uses deWiz to lengthen his backswing, Annika Sörenstam’s uses deWiz to monitor her tempo and Yuka Saso uses deWiz to dial in her wedge game.

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ABOUT DEWIZ AB: As a world leader in stimuli-based motor learning, deWiz enables people to unlock their potential and achieve their goals through groundbreaking data and technology. As a Swedish developed and produced product, deWiz Golf AB is focused on its mission to help golfers around the world increase their enjoyment of the game through innovative technology that increases their pace of learning. Developed in Malmö by co-founders Markus Westerberg (PGA Professional, Ljunghusen Golfklubb) and Christian Bergh, deWiz is available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and South Korea (more markets are opening regularly - visit the site for the latest updates). For more information on deWiz AB, visit for investor relations and corporate information. For ecommerce and more information on deWiz’s patented golf swing modifier, visit and learn more on how to consistently hit the ball longer, straighter, and closer. Download the free deWiz Golf demo app to explore its pioneering swing data via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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