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The Golf Cap Company will exhibit a potential golf product at the 2023 PGA Show

The product that they will be exhibiting is a golf cap designed specially for the game of golf. Players have well liked the golf cap and this innovation has been considered the next big thing in golf.

The Golf Cap Company was established in the year 2021 in Atlanta, Ga with its  priority to design the perfect golf cap. The Golf Cap was designed a cap with a  distinct style and elegance like no other headwear. The golf cap has a short rear  brim in order to reduce sun exposure keeping the player fresh and cool on hot  game days.  

The C.E.O of the golf cap company mentioned the company is at the startup up  phase and the PGA SHOW is a good opportunity to create awareness of their  product. It is believed the golf cap is a product that will be a good addition in golf giving the sport of golf its own unique and distinct hat. 

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The Golf Cap Co. will be displaying their golf cap at booth number 4205 also their  product will be displayed in the “New Product Zone”. 

Golf Cap-3009.jpg

The Golf Cap being an innovative product it will be places in the “Inventors  Spotlight” pavilion making it a great prospect for a “New Best Product Award” or  an “Inventor Spotlight Award”.  

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If you plan on attending the 2023 PGA Show make sure to visit their booth it is  definitely a product that cant be missed. 


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