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L.A.B. Golf launches Link.1, the blade putter that stays square by itself

CRESWELL, OR -- The past meets the future with LINK.1, a new blade-style putter from L.A.B. Golf that honors the most popular putter design of all time but stays square by itself.

“So many golfers love the look of blade-style putters, but they’re not always the best for making putts,” said L.A.B. Golf CEO Sam Hahn. “What we did with LINK.1 was honor the shape of these legendary putters but make them dramatically easier to use by adding Lie Angle Balance.”

Lie Angle Balance is L.A.B. Golf’s patented technology that allows a putter to stay square to a golfer’s lie angle without any need for face manipulation during the stroke. 

“With other putters, you have to keep the face square,” Hahn added. “With LINK.1 and every other L.A.B. Golf putter, all you have to do is let the face stay square. It makes putting so much simpler.”


To bring Lie Angle Balance to LINK.1, L.A.B. Golf hyper-engineered it from 303 Stainless Steel. It’s 100% CNC Milled with four screws on the heel side and six on the toe side to offer a wide range of length and lie angle options.

LINK.1 is 100% Made in the USA and built and balanced by L.A.B. Golf Craftsmen in L.A.B. Golf’s new factory in Creswell, Oregon. 



LINK.1 will be available in two models: LINK.1 CUSTOM and LINK.1 STOCK

LINK.1 CUSTOM (starting at $559) makes available L.A.B. Golf’s full range of industry-leading customization options. The putters are offered in lengths of 29-38 inches and lie angles from 65 to 75 degrees. LINK.1 CUSTOM also offers golfers the choice of eight different alignment options, as well as multiple upgrade shaft and grip options. 


LINK.1 STOCK ($469) is available in L.A.B. Golf’s most popular lie angle of 69 degrees and lengths of 33, 34, and 35 inches. It’s equipped with a Matte Black Steel Shaft and L.A.B. Golf’s new Simple Rubber putter grip. 


LINK.1 CUSTOM and LINK.1 STOCK are now available at They will be arriving soon at golf retailers across the world including PGA Tour SuperStore, Club Champion, and Golf Galaxy. 


Rolling a golf ball into a hole shouldn’t be complicated. Yet for golfers around the world, putting is the most challenging part of the game. L.A.B. Golf was created to simplify things. The company believes it’s possible for all golfers to be excited about putting.

L.A.B. Golf putters and its Press Grips are available at, PGA Tour SuperStore, Club Champion, and other fine golf retailers.  

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