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Grit Inc. invents "The world's most practical golf bag"

Grit Inc. announced plans to exhibit at the 2023 PGA Show from Jan. 24th – 27th in Orlando, Florida. Grit Inc., based out of Loretto, Ontario, Canada is announcing its new expansion into the Golf bag market with the launch of its new Golf Tower. 

Grit’s approach to design has always been to solve problems rather than simply follow the market and so is applying its expertise from its innovative sports equipment bags into their brand new Golf Tower Cart bag. 


During the Covid slowdown new products were explored at Grit.  Soon our designers, led by Steven Roncadin, embarked on the Grit golf bag project. Armed with the innovative designs developed for our hockey products we have reinvented the Cart Bag (patent pending). 

Being able to have a place for all of your equipment and finding it at a moment’s notice is something Grit strives to implement into all their products. Our goal was to create an organized system by eliminating bulk and excessive pockets. In turn, this would create a bag that is optimized for its environment and provide a better solution for the player.

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The Golf Tower takes on a unique square shape which increases the stability of the bag. This shape made it easier to create a storage system on the front of the bag. Moving the storage to the front of the bag allowed us to organize precisely where items could be stored and found easily. Our magnetic hinged pouch, placed at the top of the bag, lets cart straps pass under it easily while also being able to store high use items such as balls and tees.

The front door of the Golf Tower leads to a 3 level shelving unit that can hold every possible item one may bring on the golf course with them. Creating this shelving unit gives players transparency and lets them see their gear clearly which makes finding things much easier. Now all your gear is available at a glance and you can spend less time searching and more time golfing. 

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We have also made club storage simpler: clubs are placed behind the front door in a rectangular space and organized with fifteen club dividers. Additionally our four vertical dividers reduce the migration of the club grips at the bottom of the bag.
We are excited to make our grand debut in January 2023 as a selection of the Inventor’s Spotlight program at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida.