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Mach One Golf Balls

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About Us:
Mach One Golf Balls are the World’s LOUDEST Golf Balls! When you hit these golf balls, it produces a loud sound that is sure to catch the people you are golfing with off guard! They are a single use, novelty golf ball that bring so much fun to the game of golf! Whether you are pranking your golfing buddies, or just hitting one for fun, there is NOTHING like the excitement and fun you have when hitting a Mach One Golf Ball! Bringing a new kind of fun to golf!

Mach One Golf Balls is a small, family-owned business! Our grandfather came up with the idea for this golf ball 20 years ago! When several of our family members lost jobs last year, we came together to talk about everyone’s next steps. We thought about our grandfather’s golf ball, and wondered if we could make something of it! We got it patented and launched our business in April of 2022! This family business has been a huge blessing to our family in a tough time! We lost our grandfather a few years ago to ALS, but we know he would be so excited to see what his golf ball has done for our family!

Based out of Orange County, California, this family business produces each one of their golf balls by hand! They manage all aspects of their business as a family! As of now, all of their sales are direct to consumer from their website ( They are hoping the PGA Show will be their grand entrance into the world of retail! They know how much their customers love their product, so their goal is that if their customers go into any golf shop or pro shop across the country, that Mach One Golf Balls is not far out of reach! They hope that this will also allow more people to discover the FUN that Mach One Golf Balls bring to golf!

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