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The #1 best seller in golf cart accessories on Amazon just got better! See the new accessories at the 2023 PGA Show

Phone Caddy - The best phone holder for golf, period.

Mesa, AZ - Desert Fox ® Golf is introducing its new cigar holder and push cart adapter accessories in Booth #2911 during the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando. The new accessories are backwards compatible with over two hundred thousand Phone Caddys already in the market. The company is also unveiling a new line of leak-proof, novelty drink tumblers called DrinkAide™ under a new brand, Desert Fox Products.  For the golfers, SwingAide™ is designed to look like an energy drink with clever sayings and humor weaved into the “nutrition label” and overall design.

“We are excited to expand the functionality of the Phone Caddy by adding a cigar holder and push cart adapter along with introducing drink tumblers designed to make people laugh and fit the needs of people on the go.” - Desert Fox Golf 

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The Phone Caddy and SwingAide™ are the perfect corporate promotional items for tee gifts at any golf event due to the customization options that Desert Fox Golf provides. Customers can change the logo, colors and text to deliver the experience they need. Golf apps for yardage, scoring, swing analytics and video have become mainstream while playing music and live auctions have enhanced the “just for fun" rounds. We give golfers more choices to express themselves and provide the best products to accompany them while playing golf.

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Since January 2017, we have been focused on delivering innovative golf products that enhance the golf experience.  For additional information on our products and customization capabilities, please visit us online. 

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