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Xonic Golf to unveil new award-winning AI golf app at 2023 PGA Show

The much anticipated new iTQ has a cutting-edge design and even more features

Toronto, January 19, 2023 — Xonic GolfTM announces today that it will be unveiling its new  iTQ, the A.I. Quick Tip Caddie App, at next week’s PGA Show, Jan. 24-27, in Orlando, Florida,  attracting thousands of golf industry professionals from around the world.  

In addition to an exciting, new User Interface, the iTQTM now has new features, including a first  of its kind shot tracker and the ability for users to select their preferred language. And, with the  new iTQ video module, users will find it even easier to setup their two videos, which they only  need to do once. While golfers will continue to experience the biggest benefit to their games  when using their iTQ on the course, the new iTQ can also be used at the driving range or in a  simulator.  

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“Xonic’s iTQ was recently named a winner of FastCompany’s Next Big Things In Tech Award for  2022, as well as SCOREGolf’s Canadian Golf Product of the Year for 2022, while being ranked  the # 1 golf app to have in your bag by Australian Golf Digest,” says Eileen Jurczak, CEO of  Xonic. “And all that excitement was for our Beta product! The NEW iTQ takes the user  experience to a whole other level!” 

The iTQ is a first of its kind caddie tool that gives amateur golfers the help they need, when they  need it, so they can enjoy their golf game EVERY time they play. The iTQ provides instant,  customized PGA professional quick fixes and tips that are based on the A.I. analysis of your  overall Swing SignatureTM. The tips are small adjustments to help you quickly, in the moment;  no lessons or practice drills. And, the more you use the iTQ, the better it gets at giving you  advice. 

“That’s not all! PGA instructors and coaches can use their students’ iTQ data to get key insights  into their students’ on-course games, to deliver even more effective instruction, “ says Eileen  Jurczak. “Xonic is a proud Partner of the PGA of North Florida and the PGA of Southern  California, and we are thrilled that PGA pros can also leverage the power of the iTQ to help  them quickly zero in on focus areas for each of their students.”

Other features of the iTQ include a shot tracker that is not like any other on the market today,  which allows golfers to easily and accurately track their ball flight by different clubs and ball lies,  while they play. iTQ users also receive a daily 1st Tee Thought, with general strategy and  course management tips. And, Quick Rules are the most common rules used by amateur  golfers in an easy to read format, for casual play only. 

Golfers can experience the power of the award-winning iTQ with a free 14-day trial by  downloading it on the App Store and Google Play. 

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