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Teesnap launches Teesnap Champions and a new client success model

Las Vegas, NV: Teesnap, a client focused company who builds golf technology and provides people-powered services to some of the smartest, most successful golf operators in the United States, has launched Teesnap Champions and a new client success model.

Teesnap has moved to a dedicated client success model. Teesnap’s Director of Client Success, Brendon Quarnberg said “Because we understand the challenges that come with operating a golf course, we are providing every one of our clients a dedicated representative who will be there to help them succeed. We are here to offer our expertise and solutions to help them maximize their course's potential with Teesnap. This is consistent with our commitment to be a client focused company and a key piece of what Teesnap is in 2023 and beyond.”

The Teesnap dedicated client success representative will work with a golf course to understand their specific needs and tailor the point of sale technology to meet those needs. They will also provide training and support to the golf course's staff to ensure that they are able to effectively use the technology. Additionally, the dedicated representative will work with the golf course to analyze data and make recommendations for how to improve their operations and increase revenue.

Building on their client focused company commitment, Teesnap has launched Teesnap Champions. Teesnap Champions is a select group of golf course owners and managers who are using Teesnap technology and/or services at some of America’s greatest golf courses. Teesnap Champions will provide input and commentary on the Teesnap technology roadmap and share personal insight about golf course operations. Teesnap will add volume and reach to their voices in an attempt to help golf course operators learn new and innovative ways to improve their golf course business.

The first four to join the Teesnap Champions group are Bob Sturges, owner of Worthington Manor in Urbana, Maryland; Jim Cooper, owner of Cooper’s Hawk in Melbourne, Arkansas; Todd Bishop, General Manager of Denison Golf Club in Granville, Ohio; and Hung Chow, General Manager at The Virtues Golf Club in Nashport, Ohio.

We are a client focused company. We build golf technology and provide people-powered services to some of the smartest, most successful golf operators in the United States.

We believe in the power of marketing, mobility, and simplicity. That's why we've built a suite of software tools that include a golf and restaurant point of sale, tee sheet, tee time booking engine, websites, F&B system, and online store, all designed to feed our powerful marketing system. Our tools are easy to use and optimized for a great mobile experience, helping to improve golf course operations.

Our technology is uniquely powerful because our engineers build with a marketing mindset and never forget the importance of a simple, mobile user experience.

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Worthington Manor Golf Club in Urbana, Maryland offers a challenging and picturesque 18-hole course. The business was founded and is owned to this day by Bob Sturges. He’s led his team in building an iconic public golf course. They have hosted the Maryland Open and 11 U.S. Open qualifiers. The club also features a full-service pro shop and a restaurant.

Cooper's Hawk Golf Course in Melbourne, Arkansas, owned by Jim Cooper, is the top public golf course in the state. The course is built on land that was once used for raising cattle by Jim's father. Cooper's Hawk offers a challenging layout, beautiful scenery and on-site amenities such as a pro shop and Hawk’s Nest restaurant, managed by Sam Cooper.

The Virtues Golf Club in Nashport, Ohio is the #1 public golf course in the state and a top 100 in America. Known for its challenging layout and beautiful scenery, the course is visually stunning. Hung Chow, General Manager, oversees all operations including a 60,000 square foot clubhouse complete with golf shop and full service restaurant.

Denison Golf Club, located in the picturesque town of Granville, Ohio, is owned by Denison University. Todd Bishop, the club’s general manager, has guided the business through transition and provided stewardship that would make the courses’ architect, Donald Ross, proud. Ross’ Ohio treasures include Scioto CC and Zanesville, CC but there’s no finer Donald Ross, Ohio, public course than Denison Golf Club. 

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