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Edel Golf adds new players style grind to award winning line of wedges

The award-winning line of Edel Wedges just got deeper with the addition of a new lower bounce P-Grind

Denver, CO - Introducing the next great grind in the SMS (Swing Match System) wedge line, the new low bounce, multi-tool, P-Grind. The SMS wedge line has been a smashing success globally for Edel Golf. Designed from the swing back, the SMS wedges are built to fit every golfer’s unique swing with their revolutionary Swing Match Weighting Technology.

A true player’s grind…The P-Grind is a wider sole, low bounce wedge that is incredibly versatile. Offered only in 58- and 60-degree lofts, it’s a great sole for opening up and hitting all the shots around the green and especially in bunkers. Because of the wider sole and low bounce, it’s versatile through all condition types and excels in those tight, nippy lies around the green.


Our Swing Match Weighting Technology is a game-changer, allowing golfers to control their clubface throughout their swing to create the most efficient impact. With three machined out weight ports and interchangeable weights, golfers can move weight across the wedge to optimize it to their swing.


In our testing, only 20% of golfers saw their best performance with the heaviest weight in the center, meaning 80% of golfers will benefit from the ability to adjust the weight in their wedge to match their swing. When golfers found their preferred weight location, they saw 44% more accuracy down range in combined distance and offline dispersion. Players also saw roughly 10% more backspin with the heaviest weight in its preferred position.


“The P-Grind gives us another great option in our SMS wedge lineup,” said Rocky Hansler, Chief Operating Officer. “We continue to work with different tour players and high-level amateurs that give us constant feedback on our golf clubs.  This new grind gives us a grind option that allows for ultimate versatility in a high lofted wedge.”

In addition to the weighting technology, the new SMS wedges feature a Forged 1025 carbon steel construction with an elongated groove pattern for more groove coverage across the face. The CNC milled sole grinds allow for extremely tight tolerances in both weight and consistency of grind from wedge to wedge. Golfers use their wedges in a variety of ways from full shots out of the fairways to a number of various face angles and swing types around the greens. Because of that, we’ve created five unique sole grinds to bring the ultimate playability and customization to these wedges.

The SMS line of wedges start at $199.99 USD.

Product will be available at select fitting and retail locations around the world on February 17, 2023.


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