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Edel Golf launches a major technological advancement in a pro-style iron

The Edel SMS Pro Irons allow golfers to match their irons to their swing for more distance, more accuracy, and lower scores

Denver, CO - Introducing the Edel Golf SMS (Swing Match System) Pro Irons, the most advanced players iron golf has ever seen. The SMS Pro Irons blend beauty, precision, and performance, featuring our revolutionary Swing Match weighting technology, which allows players to dial in their irons with more precision and accuracy than ever before. The SMS irons are also created through a multi-step Precision Grain Forging process, which enhances consistency, feel, and durability. In addition, the Tour Inspired Tri-Stepped Sole Design optimizes turf interaction for enhanced performance.

Our Swing Match Weighting Technology is a game-changer, allowing golfers to control their clubface throughout their swing to create the most efficient impact. With three machined out weight ports and interchangeable weights, golfers can move weight across the iron to optimize it to their swing.

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“The ability to fine tune accuracy and overall performance through weight change is an incredible innovation,” said Rocky Hansler, Chief Operating Officer. “It’s been great watching the improvements in ball striking with consumers all over the world. Now, bringing it in a players package, we’re going to open up the eyes of some of the best players in the world.”

The Precision Grain Forging process produces one of the purest players irons ever felt, with the integrity of the 1025 carbon steel's natural grain optimized for enhanced consistency, feel, and durability.


The Tour Inspired Tri-Stepped Sole Design features three separate surfaces, each precisely engineered for better turf interaction and more consistency from strike to strike. The Leading Edge Bounce resists the club from digging, continuing momentum through the shot. The Effective Middle Tier Bounce has the greatest interaction with the turf post impact. The Trail Relief Bounce reduces the effective sole width of the club, creating shorter and more efficient divot patterns, making the iron feel like a blade but perform like an advanced cavity back iron.

The SMS Pro Irons will be offered in variable length 3-Iron through Pitching Wedge options. Each iron has three weights, two 2-gram weights and one 8-gram weight come stock, but can be dialed in through the fitting process for swing weighting purposes and can be customized with 4-gram, 6-gram and 10-gram options as well.


The irons are priced at $250 per club and come with a handful of no upcharge shaft and grip offerings.

Product will be available at select fitting and retail locations around the world on February 24, 2023.

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Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Edel Golf is a premium golf equipment manufacturer dedicated to providing pioneered concepts to help golfers score. Edel’s fitting processes in the putter category have long been the industry standard in providing nearly infinite possibilities to the golfer to ensure the most accurate fit possible. Edel Golf proudly bucks status quo golf club manufacturing to bring groundbreaking products and services to golfers, whether it’s our revolutionary SMS (Swing Match System) Irons, our high-performance EAS Putters and putter fitting system, or game-changing adjustable weight SMS (Swing Match System) Wedges.  For more information, please visit

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