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VRotein at 2023 PGA Show, booth #2025

Together with world-class putting coach Jong-hwan Choi, VRotein Inc. planned products for golf putting lessons and developed self-developed technologies, resulting in the current TOURPUTT that combines AR, Big data, and AI deep-learning. Officially launched at the Maekyung Golf Expo at Seoul in May 2022 after a prototype in 2020, the tour putt has been introduced at about 50 golf driving ranges and academies nationwide, and has also begun to enter the world, starting with Japan and Singapore.

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TOURPUTT is a putting simulator developed with domestic South Korean technology, displaying various training elements on a green with a projector. A sensor tracks the ball on the green and collects putting data. Coach Jong-hwan Choi used it to coach professional golfers, analyzing success rates by using breaking lines and distance and tracking speed trends.


TOURPUTT Spokesperson:
CEO of VRotein Inc. | Chan-ki Kim

Chan-ki Kim has accumulated experience in publishing, incubating, and content planning in the game industry for about 20 years. In 2012, he established VRotein Inc. a VR/AR contents startup, developed VR/AR related technologies and secured numerous patents. Based on this technology, he developed TOURPUTT with LPGA putting coach Choi Jong-hwan. It is currently being used for coaching many LPGA, KPGA, and KLPGA pros.


TOURPUTT at the PGA Show 2023:
South Korea’s VRotein is Launching Putting Simulator TOURPUTT at PGA Show 2023
• Putting Simulator TOURPUTT is globally launching at PGA Show 2023
• Coaches such as Jung-eun Lee, A-rim Kim, and Jong-hwan Choi participated in the planning and development of putting simulator TOURPUTT
• South Korean startup company VRotein is exhibiting on PGA Show 2023 with its putting simulator, TOURPUTT


VRotein will introduce TOURPUTT through a special seminar hosted by putting coach Jong-hwan Choi as well as through product demonstrations by professionals at the show. CEO - Chanki Kim said, “TOURPUTT is a product that can be intuitively trained with elements displayed on the green. Many professional users have already brought home trophies. I am so exciting and glad to exhibit TOURPUTT at PGA Show to whole world.”


About VRotein Inc.:
VRotein Inc. is a VR/AR content development company established in 2012. Over the past five years, it has launched a professional putting simulator called TOURPUTT by combining its own developed technologies with golf. In the early days of its establishment, VRotein inc. developed its own VR content, winning two Unity Awards and ranking first in the popularity ranking of VR games on Steam. Afterwards, it developed the technologies needed to implement VR/AR contents, launched a VR content supply platform business, and collaborated with Lotte World, KT and LG U+.

TOURPUTT in the News:
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Booth #2025
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Show days Special Programs at Booth:
• TOURPUTT Demonstration – Speaker : Jin-sun Park (KLPGA Tour Pro Golfer)
• JONG’s TOURPUTT Seminar – Speaker : Jong-hwan Choi (TOURPUTT Putting Master)