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Lohla Sport unveils ‘Lavish Summer Locales’ collection

(LOS ANGELES, Calif.)LOHLA SPORT has introduced its “Lavish Summer Locales” collection of premium ladies’ golf-lifestyle apparel with sporty looks perfect for fun that comes with warm weather.

Rooted in colorful, on-trend European designs with feminine Los Angeles flair, Lavish Summer Locales capsules coordinate tops, bottoms, skorts, outwear and accessories.  In sizes XXS to XXL, cuts are flattering yet not overtly sexy, made of fine-quality fabrics sourced worldwide and optimize athletic movements.  

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LOHLA SPORT’s comfortable-chic, made-for-play aesthetic is attracting a massive following as the company creates a “Golfleisure” movement akin to Lululemon and the “Athleisure” craze. 

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The Spring-Summer capsules represent high-class, tropical destinations known for converging swanky fashion and active lifestyles:  

  • Ibiza – Inspired by golf legend Annika Sorenstam with part proceeds benefitting The ANNIKA Foundation, dramatic lemon, black and white designs are elegantly adorned with stars, stripes and solids-
  • Amalfi – Features lilac, the fashion color of the season, alongside white and navy with styles accentuated by tasteful leopard and houndstooth prints
  • St. Tropez – This bright collection group highlights blueberry, appletini green and sunset orange, including a wavy print, emitting a beach feel while on the golf course
  • Monaco – All-American look with a pinch of French beret in navy, white, red and blueberry that’s spot on for Memorial Day, Independence Day and Bastille Day

“Spring and summer soothe our senses,” says Lisa O’Hurley, Founder and CEO of LOHLA SPORT.  “Our fashionable, stylish, playful and classy outfits make ladies feel even happier and healthier by looking wonderful on and off the golf course.” 

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As an ode to Barry Manilow, the legendary crooner of soft, summertime ballads, O’Hurley added a “Her Name was LOHLA, She was a Showgirl” T-shirt and hoodie to bring back memories of fun, let-loose times.

LOHLA SPORT -- St. Tropez Capsule, Lavish Summer Locales Collection Photo No. 1.jpg

Complementing Lavish Summer Locales capsules and worn stand-alone are popular, year-round core products, including:

  • The Golf Fitness Pull-On Pant – Worn stand-alone (akin to a workout tight) or under skorts in the fall for added warmth and décor, it is purposely thicker, becoming the ideal golf-yoga pant.  Back pockets make it country club appropriate.
  • The “Very Pant” – The four-pocket, full, four-way stretch pant is offered in several colors.  It was inspired by the J. Peterman character in the TV hit “Seinfeld,” indicating specificity of the surreal or sublime. The famous line “The Very Pant I’ve been searching for all my life” is part of sitcom lore.

More than 250 fine golf shops and women’s boutiques carry LOHLA SPORT.  Furthermore, ESPN, Forbes, GOLF Magazine, Golfweek, NBC Sports and others praised the brand’s refreshing looks as well as designers O’Hurley and London-based Paul Rees formerly of Burberry and Aquascutum fame.  Sorenstam is among LPGA TOUR players exclusively wearing LOHLA SPORT.

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Based in Los Angeles, California, LOHLA SPORT’s premium ladies’ golf-lifestyle apparel continues to captivate the golf, country club and resort market.  Debuted in January 2021, its impeccable sense of style features colorful, on-trend European designs with Los Angeles flair.  The brainchild of recognized fashionista and longtime Golf Channel and GOLFINO executive Lisa O’Hurley, LOHLA SPORT boasts a classy and playful lineup of tops, bottoms, skorts, outwear and accessories in coordinated collections.  Sold online and in 250-plus exclusive golf shops and women’s boutiques across America, outfits confidently transition from the course to the office to socializing with friends and family.  Especially popular are the signature “Golf Fitness Pull-On Pant” and “The Very Pant,” a play on “Seinfield” in which O’Hurley’s husband, actor John O’Hurley, starred as the fictional character J. Peterman.

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