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Summit Golf Training signs with SwingU Coach

HARTFORD – February 9, 2023 – SwingU, the golf technology and media company, announced today that Chad Phillips and Corey Evans, the award-winning co-founders of Summit Golf Training at Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw, Ga., have signed with SwingU Coach to deliver advanced statistical reporting to the club’s members and the staff’s students.

In 2020, Chad and Corey established a partnership with a passion to provide golfers with accurate information about golf improvement. Together, they provide in-person and remote coaching while utilizing the latest technology in golf. Additionally, they offer online training, training templates, and free video tips to help any golfer develop an improvement plan.

With 25+ years of coaching experience, Chad has trained some of the best golfers in the world. His coaching philosophy is based on simplifying the swing's fundamental movements, complemented by a rare understanding of how players of varying levels of experience feel these movements.

Corey began his teaching career in 2017. Using past experiences from playing competitively, Corey has a different perspective during his training sessions. Building out personalized training plans balanced with focuses on technique, skill acquisition, and competitive training provides each student the structure needed to have a deeper understanding of their games.

SwingU Coach is the ultimate coaching & statistics platform. Designed with both teams & academies in mind, SwingU Coach features a Coach Portal, which delivers advanced statistical reporting for an entire roster. The portal puts an emphasis on Strokes Gained Analytics to identify each player's strengths & weaknesses, which leads to more effective coaching by using informed decisions to design effective practices, drive line-up decisions and encourage overall team success.

Within the platform, coaches & instructors will use the Performance Module to identify program leaders in each statistical category. They will also be able to access Individual Student Analysis to dive deeper into a specific student's stats, allowing coaches & instructors to analyze & filter player stats at an aggregate and round-by-round level.  

Coaches & instructors will be delivered the data via the SwingU App’s best-in-class game-improvement platform, SwingU Premium. Each player will input their stats into SwingU's easy-to-use strokes gained system, which automatically logs & populates their scores & stats to the Coach Portal.

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