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Foresight Sports partners with Hurricane Junior Golf Tour to support up-and-coming players

SAN DIEGO, Ca. – Foresight Sports, the leading developer of professional-grade launch monitors, has officially partnered with the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, which hosts more multi-day junior golf tournaments than any other tour in the US.  The partnership, which includes both title and event sponsorships by Foresight Sports, is part of the technology company’s ongoing efforts to support up-and-coming players and the communities, academies and tours that support them.  

According to Tim Briand, Foresight Sports Director of Business Development, the new partnership also aligns perfectly with the company’s broader junior player development initiatives. 

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“We’re incredibly excited to forge this partnership with the HJGT, because junior tours like this vastly increase the opportunity for golf to become a fun, challenging and accessible sport for Gen Z players, which is critical for the future of the game.  Making golf more accessible to the next generation of players is the same reason we’ve launched our new UpNext Junior Player Development Program.”

As referenced by Briand, Foresight Sports’ new UpNext program connects up-and-coming players with the company’s industry-leading performance analysis technology.  The company has reserved a large inventory of both its bestselling GC3™ and Tour-dominating GCQuad™ launch monitors exclusively for the program, and will offer both at up to fifty-percent off normal retail pricing. The company plans to focus this unprecedented access to their launch monitor technology to the junior players on tours such as HJGT.

Rex Grayner, VP of Business Development for the HJGT, believes partnerships with companies like Foresight Sports are a win-win for everyone involved – especially the players. 

“We’re literally shaping the future of golf through the efforts we take today, and the 3.1 million junior golfers playing today will remember the events, the people, and the technology that helped them become the players of tomorrow. The value of that is immeasurable for everyone that makes the right investments in these gifted players now.”

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour’s 2023 event schedule has already kicked off in several states, with the Mid-Season Invitational taking place July 14-16 in Reunion, Florida and the National Championships on December 2-3 in ChampionsGate, Florida. For more information, visit the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour website at 

For more information on Foresight Sports’ game-changing launch monitors, golf simulators and performance and entertainment software, visit the company’s website at

Junior players and parents interested in Foresight Sports’ UpNext Player Development Program may apply online at:

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Foresight Sports is a complete, vertically integrated sports technology provider.  Founded in 2008, our company specializes in cutting-edge photometric launch monitor technology, complete virtual golf systems, and software development across multiple sport applications.  Acquired by Vista Outdoors in 2021, Foresight Sports designs, develops, and assembles all solutions from our California Headquarters.  Foresight Sports offers launch monitor and sport simulation products for every consumer segment – from professional golfers, instructors and club fitters, to enterprise equipment makers and retailers, to home consumers.

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