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Drop Not Golf attracts global attention and sales at 2023 PGA Merchandise Show

“Drop Not, a gift loved by all golfers, was purchased in great quantities by attendees representing clubs and organizations from Canada, Germany, Italy Japan, and many clubs throughout the United States.

Attendees commented that “Drop Not” was a new, exciting product that they had  not seen before. Most attendees had stories about their favorite head cover that held a special memory or significance in their life, and when lost on the course, it was annoying and a touch maddening.

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Recently, “Drop Not” included a split key ring attachment in their packaging that replaces the need to attach the device to the golf bag and connects two head covers to one ring. This double unit attachment enables a golfer to connect a driver and a fairway wood head cover or two hybrids together. When removing one club and its head cover from the golf bag, the other head cover which remains in the golf bag, automatically acts as the anchor.

The company suggests one double unit with the key ring for the driver and a fairway wood, and one for the putter. “Putting is hard enough. Who wants to putt with a dented, scratched putter face,” Adler said.

“Drop Not” has two distinct purchasing programs. One is designed for the retail marketplace, the other for custom labelled events such as charities, sponsored golf tournaments, PGA and resort event souvenirs, etc.

Interestingly, one PGA Show attendee wanted to order “Drop Not” devices for all his rental clubs. He remarked that the rental clubs would be returned after the round of golf, but there was always a missing head cover or two from a set. This was a recurring and expensive problem and he believed “Drop Not” would be the perfect solution to this issue.

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The company’s retail program sells the “Drop Not” branded devices in packages of two or three units. The suggested retail price for the double unit is $23.95 and the three unit, available in July 2023, has a suggested price of $29.95 to $34.95. Ground shipping (USA) included.

The private labeling program now has a three weeks turn-around service from receipt of the buyer’s approved artwork. “The three weeks turn around service is currently uncommon in the golf industry and is a game changer for us,” Adler said. Currently, the company is making private labelled units for a new client in Italy and the complete order will be shipping out before the end of the month.

The custom private labelling program has a one-time four-color artwork charge of $200 per design. The minimum quantity is 140 two pack units. Most golf club and resort retailers price custom logoed devices from $30-$39 for the specially-designed gift box containing two devices.

For additional customization and pricing information concerning double or triple devices contact: Mitch Adler or call 619-732-6056. The company’s website is:

Media Relations Contact: Les Schupak 914-774-6060