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Tour Edge's new Exotics 723 and Hot Launch 523 lines earn eight 2023 Golf Digest Hot List awards

Tour Edge, the pound-for-pound industry leader in performance and innovation, today announced that eight of their new products were honored with a 2023 Golf Digest Hot List award.

The Hot List, the annual golf equipment awards going on 20 years, was revealed in the March issue of Golf Digest currently on newsstands. 

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Tour Edge has now earned 36 Golf Digest Hot List awards over the past six seasons.

The 2023 Hot List is the result of testing and evaluations by players of all abilities. The Golf Digest judges gather insight from three independent panels to advise on every factor that comes up over a three-week research and testing period. Of the over 500 models tested, there were 134 winners chosen with a Hot List designation. 

The big winner for Tour Edge in 2023 were their newly launched Exotics 723 Series with seven Hot List awards, representing every category in the series. The new Hot Launch 523 Series was also recognized with a Hot List award. 

#1/2 2023 Hot List Winner – Exotics C723 and E723 Drivers

Winning a coveted spot on the 2023 Driver Hot List were the two new Exotics 723 drivers that feature Tour Edge’s new Flight Tuning System and Ridgeback and Diamond Face VFT technologies.

Golf Digest Exotics 723 Drivers Review Excerpt: 

WHAT IT DOES: These two drivers are designed to maximize distance. Whether you prefer the conventionally shaped C723 or the more extreme E723, the carbon-composite sections on the crown and sole save weight that’s used on the perimeter to make one of the most stable drivers on the market. The face’s crosshatch pattern provides more ball-speed consistency from heel to center to toe. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Carbon composite on the crown is nifty stuff, but these mammoth heads receive extra stability through the use of a thin spine of titanium running from front to back. It frames the entire clubhead and braces the face to direct more steadiness at impact for maximum energy into the ball.

The player comments from the Hot List test on the Exotics 723 Drivers are as follows:


"Love the high face. Snuggly sound and feel off the face. With the right adjustment, you can get that piercing mid ball flight." - Handicap, +4


"Feels heavy in the hands, as if it had a lot of momentum carrying into the ball. Feel was exceptional with some of the best feedback I've had. Knew instantly where every ball was going. Good distance and dispersion." - Handicap, 11


"The shape on the head makes it look like a stretched head but it isn't actually too big. Feels substantial in the hands. Nice weight that translates to more distance through the ball. Piercing low trajectory that would definitely get you some extra yardages on tight fairway." - Handicap, 12

 #3/4 2023 Hot List Winner – Exotics C723 and E723 Fairway Metals 

The new Exotics 723 fairway metals joined the Exotics 723 drivers as Hot List winners in this year’s test. These high-tech fairways feature the new Flight Tuning System weighting system, as well as Tour Edge’s Ridgeback and RyzerSole technologies.

Golf Digest Exotics 723 Fairway Metals Review Excerpt: 

WHAT IT DOES: The science says fraternal twins are no more genetically similar than two siblings born at different times. They are also no more dissimilar. That is essentially the story of these two fairway woods: Each shares technologies that make them powerful and playable in similar ways, but they serve different player types. The more compact, better-player-focused C723 and the very forgiving, wide-body E723 move through the turf and launch shots with ease thanks to a single rail running the length of the sole. Its ample heel and toe relief smooth over turf friction, and the rail’s mass (90 grams) keeps the center of gravity low to promote a high launch with less spin. 

Both models share variable-thickness faces with 61 cross-hatched diamond indentations behind the impact area, but the C723 utilizes a high-flexing titanium face and body while the E723 uses a high-strength maraging steel. The purpose of these indentations is to increase ball speed over a wider area of the face, helped this year by further thinning out those diamond shapes on the heel and toe where all golfers need more help.  In short, the C723 targets elite players seeking more speed off the face, while the E723 targets the rest of us who need more forgiveness from our fairway woods.

WHY WE LIKE IT: In addition to its aggressive titanium face, the C723’s adjustable hosel and sole weights allow for the tweaking of ball-flight trajectory and spin. Conversely, the E723 concentrates extra mass in a rear weight chip for a moment of inertia that’s 5 percent higher than last year’s model. 

The player comments on the Exotics 723 Fairway Metals are as follows:


“The C723 has a lot of power for a small head—fast off the face with low spin. Bumping the loft up a little really helps. Mis-hits feel as flush as center strikes.” - Handicap, 5


"Perfect shape on the C723. Simple color scheme. Connotes power with a pop sound off the face. Easy to get the ball in the air and picked up distance. Ample forgiveness." - Handicap, 9


"Shape on the E723 is accentuated by the carbon. Exciting, energetic feel. Ball was lively off the face and produced great results." - Handicap, 12

#5/6 2023 Hot List Winner – Exotics C723 and E723 Hybrids 

The two new Exotics 723 hybrids that feature Tour Edge’s RyzerSole and Diamond Face VFT technologies completed a sweep for Exotics 723 metals on the 2023 Hot List.

Golf Digest Exotics 723 Hybrids Review Excerpt: 

WHAT IT DOES: For two different looking hybrids, these two share all the right technologies for making shots fly farther, higher and faster. Each uses a lightweight carbon-composite piece to cover the crown. This helps lower the center of gravity for improved launch. A high-strength steel face insert and a crosshatch pattern of different-size diamond shapes behind the face create additional flexibility. Finally, each model puts a 10-gram weight on the sole: It’s forward on the compact, better-player focused C723 for less spin and a medium launch, and on the E723 that weight is toward the back for additional stability on off-center hits. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: With all the impressive technology here, it might seem boring to talk about sole geometry, but hear us out. The keel-like shape to the bottom of these clubs benefits in multiple ways. The shape and the extreme heel and toe relief allow these heads to easily carve their way through the turf, and the sheer surface area lowers the CG to help golfers get the ball in the air. It might not be the sexiest attribute, but is there anything hotter than hitting and holding a green from more than 200 yards? We didn’t think so.

The player comments from the Hot List test on the Hot Launch 723 Hybrids are as follows:


"I like the fact there's options based on clubhead shape to appeal to anything you like. The compact head, I really liked the shallow face but long at the toe, so it looks like it'll be more forgiving than a traditional utility iron." Really crisp sound, a pure crispness off the face. Sometimes hybrids can sound hollowy like a drum, this one didn't feel that at all. The gear effect really wants to straighten out your shots. I loved that. = Handicap, 15


"Head is a little on the bulbous side for a hybrid. Simple profile and shallow face are comforting. Easy to hit, distance is longer than you'd expect. Does the job of the hybrid, keeps the ball safe and in play." - Handicap, 9


"The C723 had a compact head, but it was not intimidating to hit. Nice and square at address. High pitched sound, still felt good coming off the face. Mid-flight with a good amount of distance." - Handicap, +4

#7 2023 Hot List Winner – Hot Launch E723 Iron

Winning a coveted spot on the 2023 Hot List were the Exotics E723 irons in the Game-Improvement iron category.

Golf Digest Exotics E723 Iron Review Excerpt: 

WHAT IT DOES: The previous E722 was a cavity-back iron with a large badge in the back that took up a lot of weight but helped with sound damping. The E723 attempts to keep the pleasing acoustics but save weight. It does this with a one-piece casting that’s injected with a thermoplastic urethane in the lower portion of the face, saving eight to nine grams (the previous badge was 15 or 16 grams depending on the club). A toe-weighting pocket moves mass to that area to provide more stability and maintain more ball speed where less-skilled players often strike their irons. The stronger lofts (the pitching wedge checks in at 42 degrees) help with distance. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: Who doesn’t like diamonds? A revised variable-thickness face features 103 diamond shapes in three thicknesses. These serve as mini-trampolines to foster higher ball speeds across a wider portion of the face. This includes reducing thickness in the heel and toe to mitigate the loss of ball speed on badly off-center strikes. This iron also contains a high-grade thermoplastic urethane to help promote rebound and enhance feel. The kicker is the economy-size sticker. This is more than enough club at the right price.

The player comments from the Hot List test on the Hot Launch E723 Irons are as follows:


"A really nice, soft, pillowy impact sound. Terrific vibrations with these. These things just seemed to want to glide through the turf. The long irons with the offset were incredibly easy to hit." - Handicap, 15


“The launch is low and controlled yet long. Very consistent. Mis-hits were not penalized much, and those shots stayed on point." - Handicap, 5


"The ball just flies off the face. The offset makes me think I'll hook it, but for game-improvement irons it's perfect." - Handicap, 8

#8 2021 Hot List Winner – Hot Launch E523 Iron

Tour Edge’s second iron to win a Hot List award this year went to the Hot Launch E523 Iron. This hollow-body set consistently ranks as one of the most forgiving Super Game Improvement irons in golf. 

Golf Digest Hot Launch E523 Iron Review Excerpt: 

WHAT IT DOES: To offer more help, the E523 uses a shallow face height to encourage a higher launch, and the hollow-body design takes that a step further by placing weight low. The offset design helps counter the slice to some degree, too. The lofts are a little weaker than other Tour Edge irons because this player needs more help getting the ball in the air compared to the extra yards that might come from stronger lofts. The hidden hero, however, is the new back badge or, more precisely, the removal of it. Now a cap covers a hollow area filled with a thermoplastic polyurethane to help dampen sound and provide a cleaner look. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: The previous version of this iron was bulkier than most golfers prefer. To aid the aesthetic, Tour Edge slimmed the topline slightly and made the backside less visible at address. Tour Edge also redesigned the sole. Gone is the keel that protruded from the bottom and in its place is a sole that has plenty of weight low and back to help shots get airborne. This is Tour Edge at its roots: helping average golfers play better at a price point that won’t result in a lengthy negotiation with your significant other. 

The player comments on the Hot Launch E523 Iron are as follows:


“A nice look at address for such a large clubhead. On the screws, it was effortless power with a nice trajectory. The 5-iron height was a new experience for me.” - Handicap, 15


"Fat shots didn't want to dig. It let me escape ... kind of a magician-like sole. I really like the feel at impact. It's exactly what I'm looking for in a club. You can tell right away where you hit it on the face." Incredibly forgiving and long and straight. - Handicap, 15


"A nice, soft feel off the center of the face. Not as bulky at address or through the ground as you would have thought. Ease of getting up in the air definitely one of its best attributes." - Handicap, 14

About Tour Edge 

In 2023, Tour Edge is celebrating 37 years as a highly renowned and top-selling golf club and bag manufacturer serving the global golf market. Tour Edge is an American owned and operated company out of Batavia, Illinois that manufactures and sells golf clubs under three distinct sub-brands: 

• Exotics: a tour-preferred line of ultra-premium equipment featuring next-level innovation and materials that is in the bags of over 160 of the world’s top professionals. 

• Hot Launch: the highest level of performance and game improvement innovation design at a mid-tier price point and the #1 custom fitted value in golf. 

• “Get in the Game” products: featuring complete sets for men, women, seniors, and juniors, as well as individual drivers, putters, wedges, and golf bags designed for casual and beginning golfers on a budget. 

The legendary #TeamTourEdge tour staff includes Alex Cejka, Ken Duke, Bernhard Langer, Scott McCarron, Tim Petrovic, Duffy Waldorf and Mike Weir. Tour Edge products have been in play for 31 victories on the PGA Tours, including 10 on the PGA TOUR and 20 on the PGA TOUR Champions. 

All premium, Tour Edge golf clubs are hand-built in the U.S.A and carry a Lifetime Warranty that covers any manufacturer defects for the life of the product. 

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