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Hurricane Junior Golf Tour adds on-course nutrition sponsor to support better focus, lower scores

ORLANDO, FL – The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) and Sharp Focus Nutrition just announced an innovative partnership highlighting on-course nutrition, which will also  expose young people to life-long benefits of eating healthy. offers: 

1. Free 1-to-3-minute videos containing the most up-to-date science on golf  nutrition, including fueling for a round, on-course eating, hydration, and post round recovery.  

2. A scientifically proven on-course nutrition product that sequences 5 great-tasting  food items. Its patent-pending formula enables players to eat in small increments  while balancing the 3 macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Overall,  it generates clear thinking and facilitates peak performance while avoiding spikes and crashes in blood sugar that drive up scores.  

“We are ecstatic to bring Sharp Focus Nutrition to our tour,” said Rex Grayner, Vice  President of Business Development at HJGT. “Our junior golfers learn that properly  balanced food intake fuels mind and body to function effectively. And good on-course  eating habits spillover into longer-term nutrition generating physical development, an improved immune system as well as a longer life.” 

The founder of Sharp Focus Nutrition, Brinson Paolini, said, “We worked with experts  and used the most recent science to develop our on-course nutrition product, which  involves different food items pre-round and then every 4 holes starting at #2. It’s all  about using foods and fluids to develop consistent levels of focus, eye-and-hand  coordination, and overall performance. And with HJGT, we’re accomplishing a bigger  purpose of using golf to highlight longer-term benefits of healthy eating.” 

HJGT players will receive free product samples at numerous events and obtain a  discount on everything at HJGT and Sharp Focus  Nutrition are committed to growing the sport of golf in healthy ways. 

About HJGT:  
HJGT is the world’s largest multiple-day junior golf tour, conducting over 300 tournaments in 29 states. Players ages 8 to 18 have an opportunity to play exceptional 

courses in a competitive environment with superb hospitality. The goal is to make every  event a memorable one and instill habits that’ll benefit individuals for a lifetime! 

About Sharp Focus Nutrition:  
Brinson Paolini founded Sharp Focus Nutrition after observing top players eating poorly  and, as a result, experiencing spikes and crashes in blood sugar that drove up score.  Brinson was a two-time playing All-American at Duke University as well as a Byron  Nelson Award recipient. He competed professionally for 8 years on DP World Tour and  others.