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A good start to the year for rounds played

The Golf Datatech latest National Rounds Played Report is now published, with results for January 2023.

2023 rounds played got off to a good start in January, with total rounds improving by over 7%, led by great weather and a lot of golf in the Southeastern states. In addition, some of the northern tier enjoyed the ability to play a few rounds, which they typically would not be able to do in January.

Jan 23.png

On the downside, the West region was battered by storms and record levels of precipitation, limiting the national upside.

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The Golf Datatech National Rounds Played Report is a key indicator for the health of golf and contains year over year results for eight regions, all states and several metropolitan areas.  As always, we are grateful to the golf courses and clubs that contribute to our research each month.  If your course would like to take part, visit

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