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Teesnap enhances digital scorecard with group functionality and preferred pricing

Las Vegas, NV: Teesnap, a client focused company who builds golf technology and provides people-powered services to some of the smartest, most successful golf operators in the United States, has added group functionality to their digital scorecard.

The newly added group functionality allows golf courses to promote their scorecard to a wider audience, including traveling groups, morning pot game groups, and more. With scoring rights for multiple players and spectator views, Teesnap's Digital Scorecard is designed to be simple to use for all types of golfers. You don't have to be a genius to use this digital scorecard.

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The updated Digital Scorecard enables golf courses to allow all golfers to use their scorecard without downloading an app, or creating an account. The enhanced features allow multiple players to enter scores and track their group's performance, while spectators can follow the action in real-time.

Teesnap's Digital Scorecard is available to all golf courses, with reduced pricing for existing Teesnap clients. Golf courses currently using Teesnap technology can access the Digital Scorecard for $1,000 per year, while non-Teesnap clients can purchase the solution for $1,500 per year, with a $200 set-up fee for each golf course.

"We are pleased to expand the capabilities of our Digital Scorecard with the addition of group functionality," said Mike Hendrix, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our goal with this product is to create an easy to use and enjoyable experience for golfers, and we believe these enhanced features will help to achieve that. I’ve never heard of a golfer being asked to create an account when they use a paper scorecard and I don’t see a reason to require that today."


A client-focused company, Teesnap builds golf technology and provides people-powered services to some of the smartest, most successful golf operators in the U.S. Teesnap believes in the power of marketing, mobility, and simplicity. That’s why Teesnap built a suite of software tools that include a golf and restaurant point-of-sale, tee sheet, tee time booking engine, website, F&B system, and online store – all designed to feed their powerful marketing system. Teesnap tools are easy to use and optimized for a great mobile experience, helping to improve golf course operations. Teesnap technology is uniquely powerful because its engineers build with a marketing mindset and never forget the importance of a simple, mobile user experience. 

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