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Miura Golf launches the AS-1 Iron - An inspired collaboration with champion golfer Adam Scott

Miura’s old world craftsmanship, and a visit to the factory in Japan, sparks renewed confidence in the former Masters champ

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (March 28, 2023) – Miura Golf, manufacturer of the world’s finest forged golf clubs, today unveiled their newest iron, the AS-1. The unique design was produced in collaboration with PGA Tour superstar Adam Scott. 

Scott has been on the tour long enough to appreciate the evolution of the game and the technology that supports it and knew that he needed to give himself the absolute best chance to win. When he set out  to create the ideal iron for himself, he sought someone to work with who would understand what he was looking for and would also actually be able to produce it. He found the ideal partner in legendary club maker Miura Golf.

“Working with Miura-san, who is so knowledgeable and understanding, but is also willing to listen to my feedback so he can produce an iron that both he approves and is also perfect for me, is just amazing,” said Scott. “Being able to see the process in person at the Miura factory really added to the confidence I have in playing this club on the tour.”

Adam Scott identified two key features that he asked Miura to incorporate in his signature iron. First, he wanted a new kind of sole design that could perform with every different kind of turf he encounters on tour. He also wanted to optimize the offset and face progression of the clubhead, away from the hosel, to more closely resemble the types of irons he played while growing up in Australia.

Since putting the AS-1 irons into play, Scott has delivered markedly better and more consistent performances. Benefitting from improved turf interaction along with the subtle changes to offset, the 2013 Masters Champion has experienced better results and renewed confidence in his play. The release of the AS-1 iron to the general public is being done in conjunction with the 10 year anniversary of Scott’s Masters victory.

“It has a been a real thrill and true honor for us to work with Adam on the AS-1 iron,” said Bill Holowaty, COO, Miura Golf. “Visiting the Miura factory is a unique experience and I don’t think this was lost on Adam. Seeing the Miura forging process, steps 1 through 14, as well as the interaction between Mr. Miura and his sons, reinforced his knowledge that this collaboration would enable him to play his best golf with the best forged irons.”

All AS-1 irons will feature Miura-San’s red hanko stamp, a traditional Japanese seal of approval. This distinction was not lost on Adam Scott who was honored to have it appear next to his own unique branding. 

“At this point in his career, I think it means a great deal to Adam to be able to look down at set-up and see something that he had a part in creating,” said Hoyt McGarity, CEO of 8AM Golf. “That satisfaction instills a type of pride and confidence that is not always easy to achieve.”

The AS-1 irons will be available in 3-PW and consumers will receive them in a custom commemorative box design that includes a certificate of authenticity. The colors and design of the box were inspired by the distinctive deep blue aprons that the Miura craftsman wear at the factory.

To learn more about the Miura-Adam Scott collaboration, check out this video featuring interviews and behind-the-scenes coverage from inside the walls of the famed Miura factory in Japan.

About Miura Golf 


Miura Golf makes the world’s finest forged golf clubs, which are designed and manufactured by the Miura family in their factory in Himeji, Japan. The entire family works hands-on in the factory and continues to carry on the Miura legacy.

World-renowned craftsman Katsuhiro Miura began hand-crafting and grinding irons in 1957 and has created one of the most-respected brands in the golf industry. Miura’s endless quest for the perfect club has brought to the world more than 10 product series, a number that grows as the next generation of the Miura family – led by sons Shinei and Yoshitaka – continue their meticulous refinement and evolution of product lines. Each club is individually handcrafted and will never be mass-produced, as generations of steel-making skill and passion bring us the world’s finest golf clubs.

About 8AM Golf

Miura Golf is part of the 8AM Golf family that was established by businessman, philanthropist and golf entrepreneur Howard Milstein as the holding company that oversees his golf businesses—all of which are dedicated to helping golfers at every level enjoy the game more. Renowned entertainer and golf entrepreneur Justin Timberlake has been a partner in 8AM golf since 2020 and is now leading creative initiatives across the 8AM portfolio of companies.

In addition to legendary Japanese club maker Miura Golf, current 8AM companies include: GOLF Magazine and, the #1 media brands in golf; Nicklaus CompaniesTrue Spec Golf, a brand-agnostic club-fitting company; Club Conex, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of adjustable golf club adapter systems; GolfLogix, the most-downloaded GPS app in golf; Fairway Jockey, which provides golfers with the ability to buy custom clubs online; 3’s, which seeks to reimagine the golf experience, combining a fun atmosphere and top-notch hospitality with a quality par-3 course and putting area; and Chirp, a free-to-play gaming app that lets golfers wager on the outcome of pro golf tournaments, rounds, and shots.

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