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Teesnap makes marketing jump start available for limited time

Las Vegas, NV: Teesnap, a client focused company who builds golf technology and provides people-powered services to some of the smartest, most successful golf operators in the United States, is making a Marketing Jump Start service available for a limited time.

Teesnap's Marketing Jump Start service is a comprehensive and effective solution for golf courses looking to increase revenue and jump-start their marketing efforts.

Jump Start is tailored to golf courses that have been seasonally closed or those that need a revenue boost, even if they have been open. The program offers a range of promotional campaigns that businesses can choose. The Golf Marketing Services (GMS) team at Teesnap will collaborate with the business to select the best strategy that works for them. The goal is to create a customized and effective marketing campaign that will increase awareness about the business and its offerings far beyond the 60-day engagement.

The service includes access to promotional campaigns, collaboration with the GMS team, with the full support of targeted marketing through the Teesnap email campaign system. Unlike some marketing services, Jump Start includes a Teesnap Marketing Advisor to do all of the work for the golf course. This saves a great deal of time and effort for the golf course staff. The return on investment is significant as less than one incremental round sold per day covers the full price of the service. Golf courses can purchase the service any time through May of 2023.

Teesnap’s Director of Client Services, Jodi Lauzier, said: “One of the key benefits of our Marketing Jump Start service is the multi-channel marketing approach. The service utilizes email, social media, and website promotion to reach a wider audience and drive real results. Since our email campaign system lives with our POS system, the targeted marketing campaigns are highly effective.”


A client-focused company, Teesnap builds golf technology and provides people-powered services to some of the smartest, most successful golf operators in the U.S. Teesnap believes in the power of marketing, mobility, and simplicity. That’s why Teesnap built a suite of software tools that include a golf and restaurant point-of-sale, tee sheet, tee time booking engine, website, F&B system, and online store – all designed to feed their powerful marketing system. Teesnap tools are easy to use and optimized for a great mobile experience, helping to improve golf course operations. Teesnap technology is uniquely powerful because its engineers build with a marketing mindset and never forget the importance of a simple, mobile user experience. 

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