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"Smart Swing launches revolutionary grip pressure technology"

Ledgewood, NJ: Smart Swing, a start-up of young entrepreneurs, has launched a revolutionary grip pressure measurement tool. After years of development, the Smart Swing team is prepared to bring this new product to the market that will benefit playing professionals, world-class instructors and players of all abilities. 

“Grip pressure is a facet of the golf swing that has remained unmeasured and unreliably solved. Having the ideal grip pressure is an integral part of the golf swing that factors into every aspect starting with distance off the tee to consistency in the short game to the putting green,” stated Petey Bartek, President of Smart Swing. “Dating back to when the game was first introduced, grip pressure has always been talked about as to its importance in the swing. The best players in the world can explain how they feel they are gripping the club - but there was no way to effectively communicate that. Every coach can agree that every player learns differently. Now coaches can use actual data to visually guide players on what correct grip pressure actually looks like and how their games can improve.”

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Smart Swing has created a tool that attaches to the golfer's grip club and provides right and left-hand grip pressure data from initial setup through impact at over 1,000 frames-per-second. Swing Smart uses a metric of “gpi”, or ‘Grip Pressure Indicators’, that range from 1gpi to 30gpi. Along with Grip Pressure, Smart Swing also measures Hand Speed, Whip Speed, Swing Path, Swing Plane, and Tempo. All Smart Swing measurements are captured through its mobile app and can be viewed instantly on the range, in the bunker, on the green, and even on the course. All of the swing data is automatically downloaded to its desktop software which allows golfers and coaches to view their current and past swing data. 

“I have been involved in developing golf academies and training technologies for years, and the big unknown has always been ‘grip pressure’. Our instructors always preached having the proper grip pressure from beginners to low handicappers. Getting them to understand what is too tight, or too soft, or too inconsistent has been impossible,” Ted Simons of Synergy Group Consulting weighed in with. “When I first learned of Smart Swing 2-years ago, and had the good fortune to provide insight into the development of the product, I knew they were onto a ‘game changer’.”

Smart Swing is launching their product on May 15th, 2023, and is currently taking pre-orders at

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Smart Swing was founded in Ledgewood, NJ with the specific intent to develop innovative products to improve the game of golf. Smart Swing is an energetic team that is not constrained by the history of the game. Instead, they look at what is missing and set out to invent solutions never available before. The Smart Swing Grip Pressure Technology is the first of their products to come to market.