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Drop Not Golf welcomed by UK golfers at three golf shows

Drop Not Golf, inventor and marketer of the patent pending retractable headcover lanyard, “Drop Not,” attracted wide attention and generated substantial sales volume at three widely attended golf shows in the United Kingdom.

The Drop Not device, which promises golfers they will never lose a headcover again, was introduced to nearly 20,000 golfers at golf shows held in Birmingham and London, England and Dublin, Ireland. The company’s booth was arguably one of the most visited at each of the shows.

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“The reception golfers gave our product was truly gratifying. There are knowledgeable golfers in the UK and they quickly understood the practicality and the ease of use of how the “Drop Not” can solve one of golf’s most annoying problems,” said Mitch Adler, “Drop Not’s” creator and company president. The device was premiered at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL in late January where it captivated tens of thousands of PGA professionals, golf course owners and operators, club general managers, and the golf media.

The stylish device contains a rugged twist-lock cable which quickly connects securely to a golf bag and a tensile strength clasp which within seconds locks onto a headcover of virtually any thickness. A high-tech strong retractable cord capable of expanding up to 37 inches in length allows a golfer to either remove the cover from the club while the club is resting in the golf bag or has been fully removed from the bag. Once the club’s head cover has been removed, the head cover will securely fall to the side of the golf bag.

Members of the UK’s professional golf community found the Drop Not to be a perfect welcome gift for golfers at member-guest events and tournaments, charity functions and corporate events. It is a memorable souvenir to highlight one’s experience or visit as it can be personalized with a club or sponsor’s logo on both sides of the device.

Attendees at all three shows commented that “Drop Not” was a new, innovative product that they had not seen before. Most attendees had stories about their favorite head cover that held a special memory or significance in their life, and when lost on the course, it was annoying and a touch maddening.

Recently, “Drop Not” included a split key ring attachment in their packaging that replaces the need to attach the device to the golf bag and connects two head covers to one ring. This double unit attachment enables a golfer to connect a driver and a fairway wood head cover or two hybrids together. When removing one club and its head cover from the golf bag, the other head cover which remains in the golf bag, automatically acts as the anchor.

The company has two distinct purchasing programs. One is designed for the retail marketplace at a suggested price of US$23.95 for the double unit. The other program is directed at the club owner/general manager and PGA professional sector. Most golf club and resort retailers price custom logoed devices from US$30-$39 for a specialty designed gift box containing two “DropNot” devices.

The private labeling program has a one-time four-color artwork charge of US$200 per design and currently has a three week turn-around service from receipt of the buyer’s approved artwork.

For additional customization and pricing information as well as general information, contact: Mitch Adler or call 619-732-6056. The company’s website is:

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