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DeWiz, golf's first swing monitor and modifier, adds three new swing data points

DeWiz’s wearable tech now delivers 14 comprehensive swing data points, adding steepening, shallowing, and initial downswing direction

April 13, 2023 - (Malmö, Sweden): Pioneering a new layer of swing data, deWiz has expanded its golf swing monitoring capabilities to 14 data points to help golfer’s precisely know their swing and use to make changes to consistently play better golf. deWiz has added three new downswing measurements, including Steepening, Shallowing, and Initial Downswing Direction. These precise measurements enhance deWiz’s swing analysis capabilities, which also includes Length of Backswing, Transition, Backswing Plane, five Tempo measurements and other data points. As golf’s first swing monitor and modifier, deWiz is breaking new ground in the understanding of the golf swing and using its game-changing data to help golfers increase their consistency and hit the ball longer, straighter, and closer.

“Like launch monitors do for impact and ball flight, deWiz is a swing monitor that is adding a new layer of data to better understand the golf swing, which is the root cause of a good or bad shot. These new downswing measurements deliver even more real-time data that golfers crave on every swing they take – anywhere and everywhere – and further optimizes how deWiz’s technology helps them make lasting changes to their swing. Feel is not real when it comes to the golf swing, but with deWiz golfers can precisely understand their swing like never before,” said Markus Westerberg, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, deWiz Golf.

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DEWIZ’S EXCLUSIVE NEW DATA POINTS: With exact measurements, deWiz empowers golfers to better know their swing, monitor the consistency of their good swings, and modify their swing to hit the ball longer, straighter, and closer. Whether it’s trying to fix that annoying slice or reoccurring hook, understanding these new data points for the downswing generally will lead to straighter golf shots:

  • Steepening and Shallowing: Steepening the golf club is a way of describing a vertical club plane of the downswing in relation to the ground and will deliver a positive data point. Shallowing is simply the opposite with a more horizontal club plane and will deliver a negative data point. Measured within the first move of the downswing about 4 in/10 cm from the turn, deWiz’s data has shown elite golfers are generally between 2 and -6 degrees, while higher handicap golfers are often more than 5 degrees, indicating a very steep downswing.
  • Initial Downswing Direction (IDDx, IDDy): Initial Downswing Direction is measured on both the x and y axis of the downswing to illustrate the exact direction the lead wrist moves from the top of the backswing in relation to the golfer’s downswing. The x axis is viewed from a down-the-line angle where a positive number signifies an IDDx going towards the golfer’s toes (recommended range of 5-15°). The y axis is viewed from a face-on angle where a positive number signifies an IDDy going away from the target (recommended range of 30-55°).
  • Tutorials on Steepening/Shallowing and Initial Downward Direction:

DEWIZ – HOW IT WORKS: deWiz tracks the exact position of a golfer's wrists throughout their swing, providing 3D swing data via a user-friendly app that monitors a golfers’ consistency and improves their ability to hit the ball longer, straighter, and closer. And to modify a golfer’s swing, deWiz’s patented Learning Stimuli delivers real-time feedback through an electric pulse that elevates the effectiveness of their practice and make lasting changes faster through neuroscience. For golfers, deWiz currently measures 14 swing data points on each swing, including Transition, Length of Backswing, Backswing Plane, Max Backswing Width, Max Hand Speed, and Tempo measurements. Additional advance metrics are available via the deWiz Coaches Program and our Elite Players program, including the development of deWiz’s on-course mode for tournament use. To access videos on all deWiz’s groundbreaking features, instructional webinars, and ambassador testimonials, please visit deWiz’s YouTube Channel.

DEVELOPED BY EXPERTS, TESTED BY PROS: The deWiz Global Ambassadors roster currently includes Annika Sörenstam, 10-time major-champion; Vijay Singh, 3-time major-champion; Bryson DeChambeau, 2020 U.S. Open champion; Henrik Stenson, 2016 Open champion; Yuka Saso, 2021 U.S. Women’s Open champion; Lanto Griffin, 2019 Houston Open champion; and Martin Hall, past PGA of America National Teacher of the Year. Additionally, deWiz Coaches Program currently has partnerships with the LPGA Professionals, PGA of Sweden, PGA of Germany, and the Southern California PGA of America section.

ABOUT DEWIZ AB: As a world leader in stimuli-based motor learning, deWiz enables people to unlock their potential and achieve their goals through game-changing data and groundbreaking technology. As a Swedish developed and produced product, deWiz Golf AB is focused on its mission to help golfers around the world increase their enjoyment of the game through innovative technology that increases their pace of learning. Developed in Malmö, Sweden by co-founders Markus Westerberg (PGA Professional, Ljunghusen Golfklubb) and Christian Bergh, deWiz is currently available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and South Korea (more markets are opening regularly - visit the site for the latest updates). For more information on deWiz AB, visit for investor relations and corporate information. For ecommerce and more information on deWiz’s patented golf swing monitor and modifier, visit

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