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Learn how to set up a golf simulator and avoid the troubles.

Are you interested in setting up a commercial or home golf simulator? Reid Colson, the founder of Yardstick Golf, is hosting a webinar Q&A with Ace Indoor Golf co-owner Joe Neumeyer and president Trevor Faust. A presentation and Q&A will occur on April 17th at 7 p.m. eastern.

A few topics Yardstick Golf group members asked to discuss include:
* How to tighten an impact screen
* How to pad an enclosure frame
* How to fill gaps between the screen and the enclosure
* How to keep the hitting mat from sliding
* How best to hang a screen
* What projector to choose and how to mount it


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Panelist Include:
Host - Reid Colson, Founder of Yardstick Golf
Yardstick Golf provides research and reviews on commercial and residential golf simulators and golf gear. It helps entrepreneurs start indoor golf businesses, and golfers pick the right gear for home simulators. He is highly knowledgeable on simulators moderating the largest reddit group and blog on golf simulators.

Panelist - Joe Neumeyer, Co-Owner of Ace Indoor Golf
Joe has been in the golf simulator industry for more than 17 years and is the founder of Ace Indoor Golf and previously served as the director of operations for About Golf. His expertise in sim technology, products, and installation is unrivaled.

Panelist - Trevor Faust - President, Ace Indoor Golf
Trevor has over 17 years of experience in the golf simulator space serving in various leadership roles with Ace Indoor Golf, Trackman, Mobile Golf Experience, About Golf, and Total Golf Exposure.