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Majors Challenge announces strategic partnership with Sqairz Golf!

(CHESTER, NEW JERSEY) - Majors Challenge, the number #1 choice for fantasy golf leagues and pools, has announced a strategic partnership with SQAIRZ, the revolutionary brand that has introduced a new level of comfort and stability to golf footwear.

This collaboration between Majors Challenge and SQAIRZ will leverage the Majors Challenge platform to bring premier performance golf shoes directly to golf shops and golfers. With Majors Challenge's dedication to providing the best products to their customers and SQAIRZ innovative approach to golf footwear, this partnership is set to elevate the game for golfers everywhere.

“As Majors Challenge continues to experience record growth, we are looking for those partnerships that bring value to our brand and our customers. To add a brand that is experiencing the same rapid growth is very exciting!” said CEO Dan Pitluk.  Adds Ed Woronicz PGA, Director of Business Development, “SQAIRZ has literally reshaped golf footwear based on science to create a shoe that provides unmatched stability and traction, it is also hands down the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn!”

SQAIRZ’ commitment to improving golf footwear has been recognized by SQAIRZ acceptance on the PGA Tour and championed also by golf legend Nick Faldo. "We're excited to work with Majors Challenge and their team to bring our game-changing shoes to golfers everywhere," said SQAIRZ CEO Bob Winskowicz.

With this partnership, Majors Challenge and SQAIRZ Golf have teamed up to provide golfers with high-quality products that enhance their game and improve their experience.

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Dan Pitluk, CEO/Owner, Majors Challenge 

Ed Woronicz PGA, Director of Business Development 

Savannah Smith, SQAIRZ, Director of Marketing             

Georgia Naples, SQAIRZ Digital Marketing Coordinator