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"Kostis & McCord Off Their Rockers" delivers explosive hot takes on the shocking new PGA Tour & LIV partnership!

Scottsdale, AZ, June 9, 2023 - Get ready for the most anticipated episode yet! Peter Kostis and Gary McCord, the dynamic duo behind the fastest growing golf podcast, "Kostis & McCord Off Their Rockers," are back with an electrifying new episode that promises to shake up the golfing world. Tune in to their YouTube channel, , for Episode 8, titled "PGA Tour & LIV?" as they unleash their emergency hot takes on the shocking news about the groundbreaking collaboration between the PGA Tour, DP Tour, and Saudi PIF.

In this game-changing episode, co-hosted by producer Mike Abram, Kostis and McCord dive headfirst into the groundbreaking announcement that has sent shockwaves throughout the golf industry. With unparalleled expertise and unfiltered commentary, they provide inside thoughts and fiery hot takes on the creation of a new global behemoth that aims to revolutionize and expand the game of golf like never before.

Listeners can expect an explosive discussion as Kostis and McCord dissect every aspect of this groundbreaking partnership. From the potential implications on the traditional golf landscape to the global influence this collaboration may have, no topic is off-limits. Subjects include Jay Monahan, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Greg Norman and more. Buckle up as they share their bold predictions, discuss the risks and rewards and engage in thought-provoking debates with their unique perspective and experience.

"Kostis & McCord Off Their Rockers" has gained a growing and passionate following due to the duo's unique blend of humor, wit and unparalleled knowledge of the game. With their engaging banter, never-before-told-stories, insightful analysis and swing instruction, they continue to captivate and entertain golf audiences.

Don't miss out on this must-watch episode that promises to be their most explosive yet! Join the conversation and be a part of the action by subscribing to the "Kostis & McCord Off Their Rockers" YouTube channel and tuning in to Episode 8, "PGA Tour & LIV?". Get ready as Peter and Gary bring you a behind the scenes look, the hottest takes and expert analysis on the future of golf.

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About "Kostis & McCord Off Their Rockers": Presented by Swing U and sponsored by Foresight Sports, "Kostis & McCord Off Their Rockers" is a dynamic golf video podcast hosted by renowned golf commentators Peter Kostis and Gary McCord and longtime golf producer Mike Abram. With entertaining and insightful discussions, they provide an unfiltered look into the world of golf, sharing unique perspectives, stories and expertise. From analyzing current events to stroke-saving tips to some of the funniest untold stories, Kostis and McCord bring their A-game to deliver an exciting and engaging podcast experience.

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