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Majors Challenge announces strategic partnership with the International Association of Golf Administrators (IAGA)

(CHESTER, NEW JERSEY) - Majors Challenge, the #1 choice for fantasy golf leagues and pools, is excited to announce a partnership with the IAGA to bring their award winning platform to the IAGA and their member golf organizations. 

This strategic move aligns with Majors Challenge's ongoing commitment to delivering an unparalleled experience and first-in-class offering to golf fans everywhere.

"We are so very happy to partner with the IAGA and the golf organizations they represent across North America says Dan Pitluk, CEO of Majors Challenge. Bill Walker and his staff are great people to work with, we are looking forward to a very long and mutually successful partnership!” 

“We are excited to partner with the team at Majors Challenge. Said Bill Walker CEO of the IAGA.  The IAGA and our member associations continually strive to provide engagement opportunities for prospective and current members, and Majors Challenge delivers just that. Their turnkey fantasy golf pool platform is a great way to offer off-the-course opportunities to interact with members.” 

“Our partnerships with amateur golf associations across the country has exploded thanks to organizations like the IAGA who understand that having fun both on and off the course is a big part of this great game.” adds Ed Woronicz, PGA Director of Business Development. 

About Majors Challenge:  Golf Pools Simplified!  Gone are the cumbersome days of combing over spreadsheets.  Become commissioner of your own fantasy golf league and pools!  We give you complete control over running your own league and pool the way you want.  Follow your favorite players weekly on the PGA Tour, it’s super easy to use and fun to play with your golf buddies, friends, and workers.  You focus on picking the winning team and we take care of the rest!

About the IAGA:  The IAGA represents approximately 80 golf organizations, primarily in North America by advancing the game of golf and serving those who play it, by representing and developing those who lead it. To learn more please visit: 

For additional information on Majors Challenge visit: or their website at:

Dan Pitluk, CEO/Owner, Majors Challenge 
Ed Woronicz PGA, Director of Business Development