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New training aid was developed by renowned teaching pro Dan Frost

West Palm Beach, FL –, home of the world's largest selection of golf teaching and training aids, has begun offering an all-new training aid, The Connector, that was created by famed teaching pro Dan Frost, inventor of the award-winning Sure-Set. 

The Connector is a uniquely designed foam ball device with axis rods running through it to help golfers maintain connection between their arms and torso and improve alignment at impact. That leads to better ball striking and more compression. The device also provides immediate feedback on the amount of rotation required for a variety of golf skills, from putting all the way to driver swings. The Connector helps golfers establish proper arm position at address and trains the body and arms to work in harmony to make a golfer’s swing motion more efficient.


“The Connector fits comfortably between a golfer’s arms and is made of very soft memory foam,” says Frost. “The innovative design includes a curved axis bar and central alignment stick. The bar allows you to visualize the movement-arc required on different skills, and the alignment stick makes visible the degree of rotation at any stage of the swing. More importantly, it helps set you in the correct alignments at impact to improve ball striking. The real key is improved awareness of both concept and swing feel.”

“It's about establishing good arm structure at address and then training your body, arms and wrists to work in synch to make the movement efficient,” says Frost. “Most amateurs get the experience of less movement. When they watch it back, it looks more Pro-like. The Connector is easy to use. I suggest starting with chips and pitches to experience compression, then venturing into three-quarter swings and full swings. Work through the bag to give some symmetry across the skill sets. There are no complex drills. You just need some patience, as it will initially feel different before reps make those new feelings instinctive to you.”

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The Connector sells for $109.99 and is made to the highest standards, with high grade memory foam and durable materials designed to last. It’s also tested and verified by Gears Golf for its effectiveness and benefit. It comes ready to use and no assembly required.

“We have been collaborating with Dan Frost for over a year and The Connector is my favorite new product from Sure Golf.  Golfers of all skill levels are going to love The Connector, because it facilitates a quick learning curve and it really does connect all the different parts of the golf swing” says John Diulus, president of “I also love The Connector because of its versatility, not only is it great for full swing but it’s equally good for chipping and putting.”

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About Dan Frost
A native of Sandbanks, England, Frost is recognized as one of the world's leading coaches whose unique coaching philosophy has evolved from a lifetime of researching elite-level human performance. Frost has been influential in helping many of the world’s young professionals including British Open Champion Georgia Hall and PGA Tour player Ben Taylor.


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