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Edel Golf and Cool Clubs partner to bring adjustable irons and wedges to nine select locations

Rooted in club fitting, both companies team up to bring the Edel Golf SMS family of irons and wedges to even more golfers

DENVER, Colorado and SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – Performance golf equipment manufacturer Edel Golf is pleased to announce the addition of Cool Clubs to its extensive fitters’ network. Through this partnership, Edel Golf’s family of SMS Irons and Wedges have been rolled out to nine select locations throughout the U.S. and Australia. Cool Clubs, the largest independent club fitting organization in the world, is providing current and future clients with iron and wedge technology that allows for the truest fit in golf.

“We are ecstatic to partner with Cool Clubs,” said Doug Coors, owner and CEO of Edel Golf. “At Edel Golf, we are dedicated to helping people score…to get one shot better. Our products reflect this. We obsess scoring performance and produce irons, wedges, and putters built for individual customization. Cool Clubs share our sentiments and with their expertise and technological superiority, they provide a foundation in which our products will be able to thrive with their clientele.”

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The key technology of the SMS family of irons and wedges is built around being able to customize the weighting properties of the clubhead to best match every golfer’s unique swing. By moving the heaviest weight on the clubhead to its optimal position, every golfer will be able to experience total face control for dialed-in accuracy and total performance. The first of their kind, this level of customization provides club fitters with the ability to manipulate more things in the delivery that are going to neutralize the shot shape.

“We were excited to see the new SMS and SMS Pro Irons released,” said Jack Gilbert, Special Projects Manager of Cool Clubs. “It really ties in with Cool Clubs’ belief that every club must be tailored to the individual. Iron adjustability is not commonplace in the golf industry…yet. Edel Golf’s adjustable weight system really gives our fitters the ability to get the best performance for our clients.”


Cool Clubs’ quality of products and club building processes are second to none. Using only the highest-quality components available from club and shaft manufacturers, all orders are rigorously quality checked before they leave for consistency and accuracy. Edel Golf not only provides high-quality products, but their adjustable weight system has a two-fold advantage; one, Cool Clubs’ fitters now have the technology at their fingertips to perform the very best fit and two, club builders can be more accurate with each club’s build specs. Clients can rest assured that when buying Edel Golf’s SMS Irons and Wedges through Cool Clubs that no stone will be left unturned.

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About Edel Golf

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Edel Golf is a performance golf equipment manufacturer dedicated to providing pioneered concepts to help golfers score. Edel’s fitting processes in the putter category have long been the industry standard in providing nearly infinite possibilities to the golfer to ensure the most accurate fit possible. The brand proudly bucks status quo golf club manufacturing to bring groundbreaking products and services to golfers, whether it’s their revolutionary SMS (Swing Match System) and SMS Pro Irons, high-performance EAS Putters and putter fitting system, or game-changing SMS Wedges. For more information, please visit

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About Cool Clubs

Cool Clubs is the largest independent club fitting organization in the world. Having locations around the globe, Cool Clubs chooses to not affiliate with any club or shaft manufacturer to ensure that their clients get fit into the equipment that performs the best for them. Cool Clubs stouts itself as a technology company, too. Their S3 Technologies arm works heavily on research and development, robot testing, designing club measuring devices, and building software that is unrivaled in the industry. For more information, please visit

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