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June saw highest month of golf apparel sales ever recorded

The Golf Datatech market share results for the top lines from the U.S. Golf Apparel market are now published for June 2023 sales.

U.S June 2023 Total Golf Apparel Market (On-Off Course)
On-Off Course June ’23 vs ’22:  Dollars +5.1%
On-Off Course June ’23 vs ’19:  Dollars +55.4%
On-Off Course YTD ’23 vs ’22: Dollars +8.7%
On-Off Course YTD ’23 vs ’19: Dollars +55.4%

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It’s more good new for the Golf Apparel category this month as we see a continuation of growth through the On and Off Course Specialty Channels which are actually up again, +5.1% for the month of June and +8.7% YTD.

Five out of eight categories saw improved sales vs. ’22, led by Outerwear (+24.6%) and Tops (both Men’s & Women’s) which were up +15.2% and +22.2% respectively.

Weather Drives Highest Golf Apparel Figures in History, says Golf Datatech

On the latest figures, GDT co-founder John Krzynowek says, “Golf Apparel continues to enjoy sales growth through the first half of 2023, increasing for the 17th consecutive month, as January of ’21 was the last month with a decline vs. prior year.  Good weather allowed more golfers to be at golf courses, helping to drive sales to the highest month of sales in history, topping $170 million for the first time ever.  The Green Grass channel is leading the charge, up almost +13% for the year, while Off Course Specialty is down marginally.”

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