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Club Champion and Tour Experience Golf officially merge branding

Social media accounts, brand messaging, and more will now be under one brand name

Willowbrook, IL – Following the acquisition of renowned Canadian club fitter, Tour Experience Golf (TXG) in 2022, top US club fitter, Club Champion, has officially brought the Canadian branding under the Club Champion umbrella. On August 1, the TXG brand will transition to Club Champion and their physical stores will be represented as Club Champion Canada. 

“This is an exciting move and one we’ve been collectively working toward for some time,” said Nick Sherburne, Club Champion founder. “For over a year, we’ve been working together behind the scenes but viewed outwardly as separate — this branding update will give our audiences more clarity and reinforce what we already see as a united team.”

With this rebrand, Canadian golfers will notice subtle Club Champion branding in the Canadian stores, but the biggest change will come from a social media perspective. Since the initial merger announcement, TXG has been the functional content team for both the Canadian brand and Club Champion. All social media and content creation has operated under a joint TXG by Club Champion brand; these accounts have continued to grow, with an audience of 70,000+ on Instagram and over 70 million views on YouTube. Now, all of those properties will revert to Club Champion branding. 

As for brick and mortar, Club Champion Canada currently has four studios – Calgary, Mississauga, The Pulpit, and Toronto - with plans to expand to Vancouver and beyond. With a new address in Calgary and a new concept at The Pulpit, Club Champion Canada is finding new real estate formats to bring Tour-level improvement to every golfer. 

“This is an exciting time for our brands,” said TXG founder, Ian Fraser. “The initial merger made sense given our shared fitting philosophies and this new step makes sense as well to unite the brands and keep growing in both the fitting and content spaces.”

To learn more or to book a fitting, head to in the states or for Canadian studios.

About Club Champion Canada, formerly Tour Experience Golf

Tour Experience Golf (TXG) was established in 2016 and has become Canada’s preeminent club fitting and club building company. The company was founded by Ian Fraser, one of the leading golf equipment technicians in the industry. The brand has amassed a measurable and loyal following in the digital space and quickly established a position as one of the most trusted resources for golfers worldwide via their YouTube channel. The TXG ideology is centered on 

fitting, building, and educating golfers to help them maximize their performance on the golf course. In December of 2021, TXG was acquired by top American club fitter, Club Champion, to maximize the company’s fitting potential around the globe. The brand is now known as Club Champion Canada. To learn more about Club Champion Canada, please visit

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About Club Champion

Club Champion is the globe’s most prominent name in custom club fitting and building services. Established in 2010, there are now 120 Club Champion locations internationally, including studios in Canada, the UK, and Australia. Each US studio offers golfers access to over 60 brands and more than 65,000 hittable head and shaft combinations. Club Champion has solidified their position at the top of the industry through comprehensive Tour-level fittings, unrivaled club building, and the use of top-tier technology. The company is headquartered in Willowbrook, Illinois, USA, and boasts more than 400 employees, including hundreds of the most highly trained Master Fitters in the world. For more information about Club Champion, visit

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