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Episode 11 of Kostis & McCord Off Their Rockers: Tiger the new commish? Bryson’s 58, DeChambeau, and more!

Arizona 8/14/23 – The dynamic duo of golf commentary and entertainment, Peter Kostis and Gary McCord, are back with another entertaining episode of "Kostis & McCord Off Their Rockers." You can watch this all new show airing now at and wherever you listen to podcasts. Kostis and McCord always give their unique and interesting take into the currently chaotic world of golf, bringing you the latest buzz, insights, and laughs that only they can deliver.

Peter and Gary delve into the recent headlines that have the golf world buzzing including the announcement of golf legend Tiger Woods joining the PGA Tour Policy Board. With their signature wit and unparalleled analysis, Kostis and McCord dissect the implications and potential impact of this game-changing decision for the PGA Tour and how it may affect the agreements with LIV golf.

They talk about Bryson DeChambeau's incredible 58, and whether DeChambeau's remarkable performance could convince Zach Johnson to choose him for the USA Ryder Cup Team. 

Then Peter Kostis takes to the course for a worthy cause at comedian Lewis Black's The LUV U Project golf tournament. ( Peter plays with Lewis and old friends talk show legend Maury Povich and comedian/actor/producer Larry Wilmore.

Then Peter, Lewis Black, Maury Povich, Jeff Stilson, Joe Grifasi, and Mark Linn Baker sit down to explore the fascinating intersection of golf, comedy, acting, and life. With laughter, camaraderie, and behind-the-scene anecdotes, this all-star lineup provides a glimpse into the lives of some of entertainment's brightest stars.

And viewers get some great help for their game when Peter Kostis shares a game-changing tip to elevate your golfing prowess in Coach Kostis's Corner. Plus, to celebrate the impending milestone of 10,000 subscribers, Kostis and McCord invite viewers to participate by sending in their swing videos to Peter will personally analyze one lucky submission, while Gary lends his signature humor to provide an ego-check worthy of the pros. The selected video will be showcased in an upcoming episode, promising golf enthusiasts an unparalleled opportunity to learn and grow.

The episode wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the invaluable support of presenting sponsor SwingU and technology sponsor Foresight Sports. SwingU's cutting-edge app and Foresight Sports' premier launch monitor technology, including the PGA Tour QuadPro and Sim in a Box, don’t miss a minute of the action-packed Episode 11 of Kostis & McCord Off Their Rockers, where golf meets entertainment in an exhilarating fusion of insights, laughter, and heart.

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