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Longitudes Group and Buffalo Groupe announces 2023 Golf Travel Research

40% of women are more likely to spend ‘significantly’ on golf travel in the next year according to the report

PORTLAND, Ore. (September 5, 2023) - Longitudes Group LLC, a leading independent  sports research company, announced the release of the 2023 Golf Travel Research  Report. The report delivers the industry’s definitive research on where golfers are going  and how are they influenced to travel, including how golfers have continued to increase  spending via continued pent up demand as they have enthusiastically taken their game  on the road in 2023. 

Key Findings: 
• 44% plan to spend more on golf travel this year – with 12% planning to spend  “significantly more.” 
• 78% have taken at least one golf-focused trip in the last 12 months. • 58% of Golf travelers go directly to the resort or course website when  researching where to stay and play. 
• Women are 40% more likely to spend significantly on golf travel this year. They  also are 2X more likely than men to budget $10,000+ on golf trips annually. 

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“It is no secret that golf is booming but little has been done to dig into how the rise in  interest has impacted golf travel,” says Sara Killeen, President of Longitudes Group.  “Golfers are treating themselves given their hearty budgets of both time and money, to  weave golf into their travel plans this year. It’s about escape, adventure and there is no  holding them back.”  

The 2023 Golf Travel Research Report provides golf industry stakeholders with the  latest insights on things related to travel for active golf consumers. It will enable travel  industry stakeholders and golf destinations to make informed decisions to grow their  business this season. You can purchase the 32-page report at for  $800. Buy here 

The research is derived from Longitudes Group’s ‘Spenders & Players’ golfer panel and  First Call subscribers. The respondents are active spenders and players in the game  and an important bellwether for golf travel trends. The results in the report are culled  from the survey of 411 respondents fielded in early Summer of 2023. 

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In 2023, how many golf destination trips do you have planned?


About Longitudes Group, a Buffalo Groupe company 

Longitudes Group, based in Portland, Oregon, is part of the Buffalo Groupe research  division providing unique analysis on the travel and spending behaviors of avid golfers in  the US and Canada. Armed with the Spenders and Players panel and a separate  database containing information on the spending behavior of 5.5 million avid golfers and  25M total golfers mapped by county and zip code, Longitudes Group uses a geo demographic approach to probe both the location and purchase behavior of the avid  golfer population. On the supply side beyond travel, Longitudes Group has built the  most up-to-date database of golf retailers including 14,200 golf facilities, 1,300 off course retail stores and 1,700 chain sporting goods store. 

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Longitudes Group, a Buffalo Groupe Company
2303 N. Randolph Ave, Portland, OR
(503) 477-6284