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Uneekor "Golf More" promotion available at Ace Indoor Golf - Save Up To $3,000 on launch monitors

Toledo, OH - Few other words can be more inspiring to those who love this game.  Whether you’re just learning, just playing for fun, an accomplished player, or a seasoned professional, MORE GOLF is music to your ears.  Uneekor shares this love and tirelessly works to create launch monitors, products, services, and opportunities to make it a reality. 

Now, till September 30, 2023, golfers can save a minimum of $1,000 on a Uneekor launch monitor.

  1. Purchase a Uneekor EYE XO 2 and get $3,000 Off. Regular retail price $14,000. Now $11,000!
  2. Purchase a Uneekor EYE XO and get $1,400 Off. Regular retail price $10,000. Now $8,600!
  3. Purchase a Uneekor QED and get $1,000 Off. Regular retail price $7,000. Now $6,000!
  4. Purchase a Uneekor EYE MINI and get $1,000 Off. Regular retail price $4,500. Now $3,500!

For more information, visit Ace Indoor Golf.

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Ace Indoor Golf is unsurpassed in the golf industry when it comes to building, designing, and installing golf simulator hardware and technology. The company offers expert turnkey sales and service solutions for consumers or businesses looking to create the ultimate indoor golf experience. Ace brings its clients over two decades of simulator builds and installation expertise, and the company founders have installed 1,000s of simulators in commercial and residential markets. By representing multiple manufacturers, Ace Indoor Golf can customize products to meet customers’ specific needs.

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