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Malcolm DeMille helps the Stanwich Club bring men’s member-guest theme to life

The Stanwich Club, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, fully embraces the supernatural motif that surrounds the area. Last year, Malcolm DeMille created a 6” witch’s hat trophy for Stanwich Club’s annual tournament “The Witch.” The hats were so well received the club asked Malcolm DeMille for help bringing a new trophy to life for their “Mint Julep Cup” which is played the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby.  

The Stanwich Club thought this tournament would be the perfect event for a Malcolm DeMille trophy. Looking to have their Witch Racing logo brought to life, but also needing to stay on budget, Malcolm DeMille proposed a 2-dimensional trophy. The crew at Malcolm DeMille created the 5 1/3” x 4” tall trophy out of an Alu-White metal, and hand-finished each trophy by painting the witch’s dress and hat band. Then the 2D sculpture was added to a marble base, giving the trophy some weight and a bold presence. The forced perspective of the design still gives the sense of depth without requiring the work of a full 3D model.

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The team at Malcolm DeMille is always happy to help provide new and unforgettable prizes, while balancing our client’s needs and desires. We cannot thank the Stanwich Club enough for trusting us to provide unique and inspiring awards, and look forward to what the future holds.

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For nearly 30 years, clients have recognized Malcolm DeMille as a renowned American brand, jeweler, artisan, and sculptor known for craftsmanship, quality materials, and pioneering techniques.  See more work at , and contact us for all your gift and award needs.

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