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Kavooa Golf announces partnership with Proponent Group

New training aid company will impact golf’s leading instruction organization

Los Angeles, CA – Kavooa Golf, creator of the new and versatile swing training aid, Kavooa Pro, has partnered with leading golf instruction organization Proponent Group. 

Kavooa Golf will participate in all Proponent Group events showcasing its new Kavooa Pro swing training aid, which will help improve the way instructors work with students through its variety of uses, including stabilizing the head and hips producing improved ball striking. The new training aid company will also work closely with Proponent Group in a variety of marketing initiatives, education/instruction events, and providing distribution channels directly to golf instructors and their students. 

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“We are very excited to be partnering with Proponent Group. This is an amazing opportunity for us to showcase Kavooa Pro in front of many of the top instructors in the country, said Dylan Horowitz, founder of Kavooa Golf. “It has been our mission to not only help golfers improve, but also provide a training aid tool that can help instructors improve on the way they work with and help golfers get better.”

Founded in 2007, Proponent Group is the only organization solely focused on helping the game’s dedicated, full-time instructors grow their businesses and build their careers. The organization – which has served 1,200+ golf coaches in 24 countries – helps teaching professionals flourish and build successful businesses by offering a unique array of services. Proponent Group addresses instructors' business needs in more ways than any other organization to maximize opportunities, job security and compensation.

“Kavooa Golf has created a very valuable 'Swiss army knife-type' training aid, that can effectively help a coach and their students in a wide variety of ways," explains Lorin Anderson, Proponent Group Founder. "As the game continues to grow, Kavooa is well positioned to provide creative and effective solutions for golfers wanting to train more efficiently."

Kavooa Pro, the first swing training aid from Kavooa Golf, will help golfers quickly improve and develop consistent contact with the ball. Kavooa Pro is a tripod-based product that can be adjusted via a patented telescoping device with rods (golf alignment sticks) to stabilize a golfer’s head and hips during the swing. That, in turn, helps solidify pure contact for consistent ball striking. The unit also includes a phone clip holder, allowing you to easily take videos of your swing.

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Kavooa Pro helps quiet excessive head movement during the swing, eliminates an over-the-top downswing, reduces unwanted hip sliding, improves a too-shallow downswing, promotes proper turn and rotation, helps groove the correct top-of-swing position and dial in proper low-point contact, improves swing path and plane for chipping, and helps improve putting aim and path. Selling for $129.99, it weighs just 3.5 pounds and can easily collapse to be stowed in the side pocket of most golf bags. 


About Proponent Group

Proponent Group represents 450 standout golf instructors and is a specialized service company founded in 2007 by Lorin Anderson. Located online at, the company operates from headquarters in Heathrow, Florida. Proponent Group provides a unique array of professional services to help accomplished teachers shape their careers and grow their businesses. Through access to exclusive data, research and source material, members leverage a trove of unique concepts, documents and services. 

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About Kavooa Golf

Founded by Andy and Dylan Horowitz, father/son duo entrepreneurs who span four generations, Kavooa Golf is a venture from their mutual love of golf. For Dylan Horowitz, a 20-year-old collegiate golfer and captain of the Chapman University golf team, the pandemic brought on many challenges including isolation, excess of free time, and many questions as to what might happen to his college golf opportunity. He spent his time in isolation working on his golf swing and fixing one of his major swing flaws and, in the process, invented the company’s first swing training aid – Kavooa Pro. With the assistance of his father, who brought significant experience as an entrepreneur building companies and selling them to Fortune 500 corporations, worked on the business side and the design aspect of the product to bring it to life. The tripod-based training aid, patented and developed with PGA coaches, applies to a variety of core golfing drills that is versatile and used by coaches and students anywhere. Visit

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