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Golf Live delivers seamless in-person remote instruction

Houston, Texas. GOLF LIVE, the world's first Live Video Capture and Analysis Platform, is rapidly gaining in popularity with golf instructors and players alike. GOLF LIVE allows students and their coaches to interact as if they are at an in-person lesson. This revolutionary technology allows coaches to expand their client base exponentially as distance and time are no longer factors in taking a lesson. 

“GOLF LIVE was born out of my own personal frustration,” stated Keith Scioli, Founder of GOLF LIVE. “I was hitting balls at my local driving range and was not getting the results I was hoping for. As a busy professional with a family, I was not able to schedule lessons in the middle of the day or on weekends. I needed a professional set of eyes to look at my swing, right then and there. Naturally, there was not an instructor available at the range at 8pm so I set out to find a solution. There were no options for a ‘live lesson’ that included video capture and analysis with an actual instructor on the other end of the connection.”


GOLF LIVE allows students to connect to a GOLF LIVE approved instructor much like a ZOOM or Google Meets call works – except GOLF LIVE allows the coach to capture the student’s swing in real-time while both are online allowing for the instructor to analyze the video and live replay just like they would at an in-person lesson. Frame by frame controls and drawing tools are available for the instructor to use all while the student is watching, listening and interacting with their coach. At the conclusion of the session, the entire lesson is saved to the cloud in the student’s locker for review by the student, and the coach, at any time. 


“The instructors we have on the GOLF LIVE platform establish their own rates, availability, lesson length minimums and more. They are in complete control of their lesson flow. And they get paid immediately once the session is concluded,” continued Scioli. “Existing students can download the GOLF LIVE app and connect with their approved coach. GOLF LIVE coaches can market themselves to a global audience through our platform, allowing them to expand their student base without geographical restrictions. We are more than just a lesson. We provide an elite experience before, during, and after each session. Our live virtual methods have proven to work and provide the most efficient and convenient lesson on the market.  Time is money, and we are saving students and instructors time while delivering a seamless and sustainable experience.”

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