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OnCore Golf and Flightpath Golf announce strategic collaboration to elevate golfing experience

Buffalo NY – OnCore Golf, a leading innovator in golf ball technology, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Flightpath Golf, the pioneers of cutting-edge golf tees.  This partnership aims to enhance the golfing experience by combining OnCore’s expertise in golf ball design with Flightpath Golf’s revolutionary and patented tee technology.

OnCore Golf has built a reputation for pushing the boundaries of golf ball performance through innovations around its proprietary and patent-pending perimeter-weighted golf ball technology.  Flightpath Golf, cofounded by Daniel Whalen, has similarly garnered attention in the golf industry with their state-of-the-art tees designed to optimize launch conditions and enhance overall performance.  Both technologies deliver improved spin and velocity to improve the distance and accuracy of drives.

“We are very excited about the collaboration with Flightpath as it aligns with our commitment to providing golfers with the best possible equipment to enhance their game,” said Steve Coulton, co-founder and VP of Sales.  “By combining OnCore’s advanced golf ball technology with Flightpath’s cutting-edge tee designs, we aim to deliver a superior golfing experience that will benefit players of all skill levels”.

Whalen expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “At Flightpath, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in golf tee design.  Partnering with OnCore Golf allows us to take our innovation to the next level by integrating our tee technology with their high-performance golf balls.  This collaboration opens up exciting possibilities for golfers seeking to optimize their game and archive new levels of success on the course.”

The collaboration represents a powerful synergy between two forward-thinking companies committed to advancing the sport of golf.  Together, they aim to bring a new level of performance, precision, and enjoyment to golfers worldwide.

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About OnCore Golf

One of the most disruptive golf technology companies of the past decade, OnCore delivers breakthrough products and technologies that improve the on-course performance of golfers worldwide.  Anchored by the company’s proprietary perimeter-weighting and high moment of inertia technology, its AVANT 55, ELIXR, VERO X1 and VERO X2 golf balls have captivated communities of golfers from beginners to elite to professional players.  OnCore is pioneering the leading artificial intelligence-based swing analysis and golf instruction app – Golf Boost AI – as well as introducing the world’s first truly smart ball – the GENiUS ball – later in 2023.  The company’s management team includes executives who’ve led several of the highest-profile global golf brands in R&D, operations, manufacturing and marketing roles.

About Flightpath Golf

Cofounded by Daniel Whalen and Caroline Castille, Flightpath Golf is an innovative golf technology company focused on delivering golf products that provide a unique and premium experience.  Their flagship product, Flightpath Golf Tees, deliver maximum performance to the golfer through patented advanced tee technology, resulting in longer and straighter drives.

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