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Golf just got more personal!

Golf grips with logos and names for golfers

Personalized golf items have been a trend for some time now. After a long period of development,  is now adding to this trend with personalized golf grips that are unrivaled worldwide 

• With 6 grip sizes, 8 grip colors, 5 fonts, and 10 font colors, there are more than 1000 different combinations. • Identify with golf clubs and teams 
• Lost golf clubs are quickly returned to their owners 

We were determined to offer a high-quality grip with long-lasting print quality. And we have now succeeded!  Everyone who tested the grips was impressed. 

In January 2024 at the world’s largest golf trade show, the PGA Show in Orlando, this product will be presented  to international trade visitors for the first time. offers personalized golf grips for various target groups: 

For golf clubs and pro shops 
Club logo and name are printed on the grip for closer identification with the player’s club. Sales via pro shops  generate additional profit both on the grip itself and the installation kit. 

For golf resorts 
Low-cost branding for your golf resort. Golfers often love attractive souvenirs. my-grip golf grips are a great way  to show off a connection to a vacation resort. Sales via pro shops generate additional revenue. 

For sponsors and companies 
Low-cost advertising for sponsors and companies. Golfers inevitably look at the company logo and name of the  sponsor. Over 100 times per round for those with a high handicap 

For club fitters 
Customers who order a custom set of golfclubs add the finishing touch to their new set with personalized grips. 

For club rental 
Corporate identity and low-cost advertising for the club rental company. New clubs can be ordered without the  grips fitted, simply put your own grips on them. 

For teams 
Teams often want a uniform appearance. With personalized golf grips, you stand out from the crowd.

For golfers 
Golfers often love a personal touch. Golfers can choose their own grip from a wide range of options. And you’re  sure to get your club back if you accidentally leave it on the green. 

Thanks to special printing technology, nearly all club and company logos, all names, and even photos can be  printed on the grip in excellent, long-lasting quality. 

Initial customer feedback: 
The sample grips arrived yesterday and I was particularly impressed with the grip that has our club logo. With  such limited space, I didn’t think this level of detail would be possible. Impressively, even the text within the logo  is clear and easy to read. Excellent work. 
Christoph Lampe 
Managing Director 
Golf-Club Hamburg Wendlohe e.V. 

PM Golf GmbH is a family-run start-up from North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany. The founders are professional  golf instructors and passionate golfers. Together with one of the leading printing companies in the region, they  experimented for over a year until ready for series production. 

Contact for inquiries 
Bernhard Müller 
+49 176 64664061