Industry News debuts The Draw Board

New training aid teaches golfers to consistently hit one of the game’s most coveted, powerful, controlled shots, the Draw

West Palm Beach, FL –, home of the world's largest selection of golf teaching and training aids, is proud to debut a game-improving golf innovation called The Draw Board. In collaboration with Dan Frost,, announces this breakthrough product, inspired by the famous 13th hole at Augusta National Golf Club. The Draw Board is crafted to bring the skills that can best tame Augusta’s contours to golfers everywhere, allowing them to experience and groove how the perfect draw shot feels anywhere, anytime.

Recent studies show that more than 60 percent of amateur golfers can only play one shot shape: The Dreaded Slice. The Draw Board is purpose-built to help golfers achieve an effortless and reliable draw on command while executing the proper swing path that is so essential in golf. This breakthrough product is built for durability and its clean design makes it a visually appealing addition to any player's practice routine. The Draw Board features wedge inserts that are specifically designed to guide the swing path during practice sessions, helping develop the sensation of how to hit a draw shot consistently.Dan Frost elaborates on the unique features of the Draw Board: “This device is akin to transporting the iconic undulations of Augusta National into your personal training space. It’s designed for simplicity yet delivers profound results. The Draw Board’s visual cues and exaggerated feel make it one of the most intuitive tools for transforming a slice into a desirable draw. Its beauty lies in its straightforwardness, providing obvious feedback that naturally guides golfers toward perfecting their draw shot.”

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Highlights of the Draw Board include:

  • Inspiration from Augusta National: Mimicking the undulating terrain of Augusta National’s 13th hole, the Draw Board offers golfers the unique opportunity to practice on a sloped lie with the essence of one of golf’s most revered courses.
  • Patented Wedge Inserts: Integral to the Draw Board’s functionality, these inserts enable golfers to feel the correct swing motion for hitting a draw, fostering the development of muscle memory and proper swing mechanics.
  • Simplicity and Intuitive Feedback: The Draw Board’s design prioritizes simplicity, offering clear visual guidance and immediate physical feedback, making it an incredibly effective tool for golfers transitioning from a slice to a draw.

“In a market with so many golf training aids, the Draw Board stands out for its unique approach. While other training aids focus solely on swing mechanics, the Draw Board takes the learning a step further by incorporating wedge inserts and physical feedback tuned into the body’s sense of feel,” says President John Diulus. “This unique combination allows golfers to develop both the technical aspects and the feel required to hit the draw shot that so many golfers covet but haven’t ever learned how to play it when they need it. We fully expect The Draw Board to be one of’s hottest sellers in 2024.”

Diulus and Frost believe the Draw Board is the ultimate tool for beginning or experienced players looking to master the art of hitting a draw. In addition to teaching golfers the proper swing path, using the Draw Board can help golfers develop muscle memory, and ultimately enable them to hit a powerful draw more consistently. 

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