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November fantastic for rounds played

The latest Golf Datatech National Rounds Played Report with results for November 2023 is published this week with year over year results for eight regions, all states and several metropolitan areas.  US rounds were up +8.2% for November 2023 and up +3.6% YTD when compared to November 2022.

November 2023 was a fantastic month for playing golf in almost every major golf market in United States.  Geographies that typically would typically be at the tail end of their season, with little daylight and the winter’s chill slowing play, mostly steered clear of poor weather.  What’s more, those markets that were opening up for the new season in warmer climes, had exceptionally dry weather, meaning rounds soared.

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  • Rounds played for the month were up 8.2%, while on a YTD basis they have improved by 3.6%, locking in an up year for 2023 vs. 2022.
  • Compared to 2019, the last year before the pandemic, rounds are up 18%, showing the momentum behind the game.
  • Consistent with how the year has played out, Public Courses continued to improve more significantly than Private, with Public Access up 8.8% for the month and 4.0% YTD, while Private Course play was up 6.0% for November and 1.9% for the first 11 months.

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