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Biggest ever high for golf apparel

The latest retail sales figures are published this week by Golf Datatech for US golf apparel with news of a positive turn for the category.

US November 2023 Total Golf Apparel (On-Off Course)
On-Off Course November '23 vs '22: Dollars +0.6%
On-Off Course November '23 vs '19: Dollars +53.7%
On-Off Course YTD '23 vs '22: Dollars +3.3%
On-Off Course YTD '23 vs '19: Dollars +54.9%

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In November, golf Apparel sales were up +0.6% and changed the trend for the category after a decline in sales over the three months prior.   In total last month, Apparel sales were up +3.3% vs. 2022, establishing an all-time high. 

Compared to 2019, the last 'normal' year before the pandemic cut the legs out from under the golf apparel business, sales are now up almost 55% - a new high water mark for the category.

Four product categories were up in November: Led by Men’s Tops (+8.6%) and Women’s Tops (+8.2%) while Men’s Bottoms were down the most (-9.6%).

Said GDT co-founder John Krzynowek, “2023 is going to end up with the most Golf Apparel sales in history. The growth has been driven by higher Average Selling Prices combined with slightly lower unit sales in most product categories.  And while inventory is heavy in a few areas, overall the business remains healthy and strong.”