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Club Caddie announces the launch of innovative marketing service: Club Caddie Marketing (CCM)

Grosse Pointe, MI – January 10, 2024 – Club Caddie, North-America’s fastest growing provider of golf course management software and a subsidiary of Jonas Software, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new product line, Club Caddie Marketing (CCM). This break-through service is crafted specifically for course operators who are looking to benefit from effective marketing strategies to increase revenue and golfer retention

At its core, Club Caddie Marketing (CCM) stands as a unique,  contract marketing service that revolutionizes how golf courses and country clubs connect with their market. Designed to  provide effective marketing strategies, CCM enables courses of all sizes to engage their golfers more effectively and drive significant revenue growth. This  proven approach ensures that every golf course and country club, regardless of its size or resources, has access to  successful revenue generating  strategies that were once the domain of large, well-resourced clubs.

All-in-One Marketing Solution

Club Caddie Marketing offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services, ensuring a tailored approach to each club’s needs. The service includes:

  • Automated Campaign Creation: Utilizes golfer data to craft tailored emails and text messages, ensuring meaningful connections with your audience.
  • Ad and Social Channel Management: Enhances online presence and accessibility by expanding reach and engaging new demographics through strategic paid advertising and social media promotion.
  • Custom Graphic and Template Design: The CCM team expertly manages content creation, ranging from logos, flyers, and website graphics, to accurately reflect the unique brand of your club.
  • Customer Segmentation for Tailored Engagement: Employs advanced segmentation techniques to develop authentic, targeted engagement strategies for different customer groups.
  • Performance Tracking and Optimization: Continuously leverages analytics across all marketing initiatives to refine and enhance strategies for better results.

At the heart of CCM is the commitment to crafting marketing strategies that are not just effective but also resonate authentically with golfers and members. By leveraging Club Caddie’s connected ecosystem, CCM delivers unique, personalized experiences that enhance customer loyalty and engagement.

Measurable Outcomes and Expertise

With Club Caddie Marketing, golf courses will be presented with  measurable results and insights that drive sales, engagement, and overall satisfaction. CCM’s monthly progress reports keep golf course and country club managers informed on the program’s success 

"We are thrilled to introduce Club Caddie Marketing as a revenue generator in the golf industry. Our mission is to equip course operators with the tools and insights needed to master marketing challenges effectively. With CCM, we're bringing a level of personalization and authenticity in engagement that's tailored to each club's unique character,” said Sean Mcelod, Club Caddie’s Director of Digital Experience. He explained, “our focus on measurable outcomes and strategic insights is designed to transform how golf clubs of all sizes access and leverage proven marketing techniques, previously the domain of larger clubs. It's more than just marketing; it's about connecting clubs and golfers in meaningful, profitable ways." 

Saving Time and Maximizing Efficiency

Club Caddie’s marketing team runs dedicated campaigns for golf courses, allowing operators to reclaim valuable time. This service is not only efficient for golf course and country club managers, but also maximizes the effectiveness of campaigns through industry insights and best practices. 

"In the fast-paced world of golf course management, effective marketing can often take a backseat due to limited resources. At Club Caddie, we address this challenge head-on by offering tailored, profitable  campaigns designed for each club's unique audience. Our goal is to create marketing strategies that not only deliver measurable results but also foster lasting brand loyalty,” said Jennifer Kirby, Club Caddie’s Director of Managed Marketing. “By initially working closely with our clients and maintaining an agile, minimal-time-required connection thereafter, we ensure that our marketing efforts are aligned with the club's objectives. This approach allows us to simplify the marketing operation, thereby enhancing both business performance and customer experiences,” Kirby said.  

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Discover how Club Caddie Marketing can drive your golf marketing success. To learn more about how Club Caddie’s services can be tailored to your course or club’s unique needs, book a demo at  or visit Club Caddie at the PGA Show, Booth 2674. 

About Club Caddie

Club Caddie, a subsidiary of Jonas Software and part of the Constellation Software Inc. (CNSWF) family, is a pioneer in cloud-based golf course management software. Founded by a team of seasoned golf course owners and operators, Club Caddie was born out of a need for technology that empowers rather than hinders golf course operations. Club Caddie offers an all-in-one solution, designed with the expertise and insight of industry professionals who understand the challenges and opportunities in golf course management. Club Caddie's commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach continues to redefine the standards of technology in the golf industry.

Sean McLeod
Director of Digital Experience, Club Caddie

Jennifer Kirby 
Director of Managed Marketing, Club Caddie