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Golf Live to present "How to Conduct an Effective Live Remote Lesson" during a free webinar on January 17, 2024

HOUSTON, TX. GOLF LIVE, the world's first Live Video Capture and Analysis Platform, will host its 2nd free webinar for instructors and coaches on Wednesday, January 17th, 2024, at 1pm EST. This conversation will be centered on “How to conduct an effective live remote lesson”. The GOLF LIVE Team will share best practices and presentation tips maximizing GOLF LIVE’s Live Replay Technology to deliver an exceptional experience to their students during a remote session.

As GOLF LIVE lessons become more popular, modifying the structure of your lessons to adapt to live remote sessions becomes critical to provide effective information to your students. For instructors looking to grow their coaching business and increase lesson revenues this is an important webinar to attend. Live remote lessons allow instructors the ability to increase the frequency they work with existing students and add new students since time and travel are no longer barriers.

Topics to be covered by the GOLF LIVE Team:

  • Live Virtual Lesson Preparation – it is important the instructor and the student are familiar with the app and that the student know how to set-up prior to the start of the session
  • During the GOLF LIVE Virtual Lesson – have a lesson plan in mind based on specific goals of the lesson incorporating the GOLF LIVE features such as drawing tools, frame by frame video controls
  • Pre-Recorded Video Exchange – analyze pre-recorded swings with the student, recommend tips and drills for the student to work on between sessions
  • Post Lesson Follow-up – encourage your students to record and upload swings to demonstrate progress as well as communicate with questions while on the range

Additional features in the NEW 2.0 app include:

  • Direct Messaging for efficient communication
  • Live Stream for Groups and Clinics
  • Subscription Offering for generating consistent monthly revenues

GOLF LIVE will be introducing the new 2.0 version at the upcoming PGA Merchandise Show in Booth #3113. Incentives for coaches that download and register on the new GOLF LIVE 2.0 app are being offered at the show. Stop by and ask how to qualify for the $100 bonus and the $10,000 bonus. 

If you are interested in expanding and growing your coaching business, reserve your place for the GOLF LIVE Webinar on January 17th at 1pm EST, sign up here.

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GOLF LIVE is the world's first Live Video Capture and Analysis App including a comprehensive payment processing platform for in-person and remote coaching. GOLF LIVE allows students and coaches to interact in real time as if they are at an in-person, face to face lesson. This revolutionary technology allows coaches to expand their client base exponentially as distance and time are no longer factors in giving a lesson. GOLF LIVE allows students, groups, and companies to connect to a GOLF LIVE approved instructor and capture their swing and demonstrate drills and exercises while online. The instructor can analyze the video like they would at an in-person session; frame by frame video controls, expanded drawing tools, and the ability to pull up previously recorded swings and drills are available for the instructor to use while the student is watching and listening. At the conclusion of the session, the entire lesson is saved in the student’s locker for review by the student, and the coach, at any time. Expanded video editing tools, video sharing capabilities, and the ability to add voiceovers on previously recorded sessions are all standard features. GOLF LIVE has created a unique Partner Program for motivated instructors and Business-2-Business options for companies wishing to take advantage of its virtual instruction platform for employees, clients, and suppliers. For additional information, visit or

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