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Kavooa Golf names Drew Piller national sales manager

Piller becomes first sales leader for new golf training aid company

Los Angeles, CA – Kavooa Golf, which recently introduced its very first product – the Kavooa Pro training aid – has hired a National Sales Manager. Drew Piller, who has more than 10 years of experience as director of national and strategic accounts in account management, revenue growth, and achieving sales goals, has taken on the role. The Los Angeles-area resident will help take the company and its first training aid, Kavooa Pro, to the next level. 

“We eagerly welcome our new national sales manager, Drew Piller. He is the perfect choice for this position,” says Andy Horowitz, Chairman and CEO of Kavooa Golf. “With his years of expertise and reputation for driving sales growth, we expect a positive impact on our sales department. His personality and enthusiasm for our product will shine through to potential customers and to everyone in the golf industry. He will undoubtedly help put us on the map.”


Piller’s role in the new position will include building and managing a nationwide team of sales reps, which will begin at the PGA Show. This will include collaborating with the National Golf Sales Association (NGSA) promoting the new sales rep opportunities, conducting meetings with potential reps during the show, job board placements, email campaigns to reps, as well as participating in various panels, and demo day. Interested candidates should stop by Kavooa Golf at booth No. 1793 or the NGSA Room W231A.

Piller will also work on developing strong relationships with key accounts and customers, including retailers and distributors, and collaborate on new training-aid development. In addition, he will oversee and develop the marketing and sales strategies for the company and its product.

Piller is excited for the new venture. “The product is so unique and different, and is helping golfers in so many ways,” he says. “It’s genuinely one of those rare products that golfers instantly realize its value for their golf game.”

Kavooa Pro, the first swing training aid from Kavooa Golf, helps golfers quickly improve and develop consistent contact with the ball. Kavooa Pro is a tripod-based product that can be adjusted via a patented telescoping device with rods (golf alignment sticks) to stabilize a golfer’s head and hips during the swing. That, in turn, helps solidify pure contact for consistent ball striking.

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Kavooa Pro helps quiet excessive head movement during the swing, eliminates an over-the-top downswing, reduces unwanted hip sliding, improves a too-shallow downswing, promotes proper turn and rotation, helps groove the correct top-of-swing position and dial in proper low-point contact, improves swing path and plane for chipping, and helps improve putting aim and path. 

Selling for $129.99, Kavooa Pro weighs just 3.5 pounds and can easily collapse to be stowed in the side pocket of most golf bags. It can be used on the course, at the range, or in a backyard – anywhere you can swing a club.

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