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Honma Golf redefines luxury with Beres 09 collection

Packed with Honma’s legendary craftsmanship and technology this new luxury line brings fresh potential to performance-minded golfers.

Carlsbad, CA — Honma Golf, the leader in beautifully crafted performance golf equipment, announces the latest addition to its luxury BERES line of game-enhancing woods, irons, and hybrids. Japan’s original golf manufacturer’s new BERES 09 carries forward six decades of Japanese tradition, innovation, meticulous craftsmanship, and beautiful artistry. From idea to concept, from deep earth materials to a high-polish finish, BERES 09 is the gold standard for elevating play and bringing Stunning Performance™ to discerning players worldwide.


BERES 09, which will be available to consumers this March (for men) and April (for women) 2024, evokes an unmatched sophistication, elegance, and luxury experience, with every detail carefully considered to provide players with a sense of control, precision, and confidence on the course. For discerning players who demand the very best from their equipment, BERES 09 raises the bar with exhilarating performance.

BERES 09s gold and silver design represents Honma’s harmonious balance between tradition and innovation—a club that not only looks and feels exceptional but performs at the highest level as well. The line also adheres to traditional BERES 2- to 5-Star grading, with more advanced shaft technology as the grades progress. PRICING Drivers start at $900, Fairways/Hybrids at $400, and Irons start at $3,150 for a set of 5-11, AW, PW.


Honma’s BERES clubhead technology is meticulously matched with expertly hand-rolled ARMAQ shafts for soaring distance, unparalleled sensation, and confidence-inspiring ball flight—time after time. Click on the video below:

BERES Teaser Video


BERES 09 Driver
Honma’s Distance Technology features a new CG design and clubhead construction, which retains the signature BERES feel plus optimization for maximum yardage. High-strength lightweight carbon material on the toe side of the sole empowers the typical golfer with a draw bias, providing a significant advantage. The surplus weight resulting from the incorporation of carbon is expertly positioned on the heel side for superior performance.

The newly developed face incorporates an intricate uneven-thickness design, precisely engineered to optimize repulsion power. This quad bridge structure provides exceptional support, elevating the power output and significantly enhancing repulsion capabilities.

A strategically positioned stainless weight (10g) at the rear of the clubhead vs. the sole effectively converts impact energy into a repulsive force, enhancing initial velocity for an amplified impact. Additionally, the back weight promotes a draw bias.

BERES 09 Fairway Wood and Hybrid
Honma’s engineers constructed a tungsten nickel weight positioned near the back heel, enhancing impact efficiency and achieving a CG angle of +5.0 degrees. A new unique face and crown design featuring uneven thicknesses improves repulsion performance by thinning the face and crown. Furthermore, the repulsion area has been expanded. These new BERES 09 features create an extraordinary synergy, delivering unparalleled ball speed and launching the ball high with a controlled draw.

The CG has been designed specifically for both fairway woods for optimal performance. The internal weight of the 3W has a CG design that emphasizes long distance, and the 5W has a CG design that emphasizes directionality for desired performance. In the hybrid, each loft is precision-engineered to deliver ideal spin and green-stopping performance.

BERES 09 Irons
The face design of the BERES 09 irons features a combination of uneven semicircles and a L cup face that delivers remarkable distance performance and forgiveness while effectively dampening impact shock for a soft feel and satisfying sound. The revolutionary groove pattern structure delivers exceptional repulsion performance, resisting hitting point variation in both vertical and horizontal directions.

An innovative wide L-Cup face expands the face's surface and enhances the repulsion area, ultimately boosting flight distance performance and minimizing dispersion even on off-center hits. An integrated vibration-absorbing resin midlayer is crafted with an inner cavity filled with vibration-absorbing resin, to quell vibrations upon impact for a pleasant hitting sensation and sound.

ARMRQ FX star grade lineup improves shaft performance by creating differences in materials and design depending on grade. The Honma shafts flex then recover more quickly back to its original shape, producing unprecedented stability and swing speed.

  • 2 Star ARMRQ FX shafts – The kick point is placed slightly closer to the bat, making it easier to time the swing, suppressing unnecessary spin, and utilizing the flex of the shaft to increase flight distance with a high trajectory.
  • 3 Star ARMRQ FX shafts – The high-elasticity TORAYCA® M40X, which pursues the ultimate in both fiber strength and elastic modulus, provides superior playing performance that efficiently accelerates head speed without waste, while at the same time suppressing torque and improving stability.
  • 4 Star ARMRQ FX shafts – The kick point is designed closer to the tip to further improve H/S. At the same time, torque is further suppressed, increasing initial speed and stability.
  • 5 Star ARMRQ FX shafts – From the 4S grade, the bias layer has been further strengthened to generate strong torsional return power. This is an ultra-premium shaft that achieves the ultimate flight and stability.

TORAYCA®pre-preg – Featuring T1100G carbon-fiber with NANOALLOY® technology—unlike conventional pre-preg material is comprised of both higher modulus and very high tensile-strength fibers. The resin system of TORAYCA®T1100G pre-preg is also based on NANOALLOY® Technology for added strength and vibration damping.

About Honma Golf
Honma is a prestigious and iconic golf brand. Founded in 1959, the Company utilizes the latest innovative technologies and traditional Japanese craftsmanship to provide golfers across the globe with premium, high-tech, and top-performing golf clubs with state-of-the-art heads and proprietary shafts built by master artisans to perform together holistically. Renowned for creating the world’s highest quality and most beautiful clubs, Honma offers equipment (including balls, apparel, and accessories) to fit all golfers, with the families aligned to suit the preferences and abilities of various segments of golfers. They include the world-renowned luxury BERES series and Tour-validated lines, including the T//World line.

The premium club manufacturer and lifestyle brand was founded inside a small Yokohama workshop six decades ago and now holistically designs and builds all products in Sakata, Japan. Honma operates as the only company that handles every step from design to final production in-house to create the highest-quality golf products on the market today. Honma's products are sold in approximately 50 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit


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